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Welcome Meera Chopra On Our September Cover Issue


(Outfit: TheRealB  |  Jewellery: Bling Vine Jewellery & Itahdnura Kollection )

What is the best thing about being an actor?

-To be able to perform different characters and being able to live their life, experience their share of pain and happiness. It’s a very soul-enriching profession if one takes it seriously. U can become the best version of yourself by being an actor. I honestly feel that every actor is blessed to be able to do what they do.


What is the worst thing about being an actor?

-The worst thing I would say is the assumptions people have about an actor’s life. Because of the public image, we have anybody can assume and think anything about us. The dedicated life that actor lives to be able to stay and keep going in this industry is something nobody really talks about.


What’s the one change you want to see in the TV industry?

-I think tv should become more realistic.


Being a public figure, there will be times where you might also have to deal with controversies. So how do you handle such situations?

-Controversies are best to be ignored. The more you pay attention to them the more nonsense it will create in our life.


Being a celebrity with such a busy schedule, how do you maintain the balance between your personal and professional life?

-Balance is something you have to constantly work on. Otherwise, when you shoot for 15 hrs a day, which is a norm here, u hardly get any time for ur personal life. But that’s what u have to constantly work upon. Otherwise, personal life can just slip away from you.


If you have to choose between money and creative satisfaction, what would it be?

-A lot of times we have to make a choice between these 2. In my career, I have done a lot of project for almost no money bcoz I loved the script so much. I’ve personally not been able to choose money over a script till now. But it seems I need to start doing that soon to strike the right balance. 


Please give us an insight into one incident that completely changed your life?

-I Am still waiting for that one 


One healthy routine which you never give up on?

-I don’t eat Rotis (carbs) at the night. And thats something I’ve been doing for years now.


One habit of yours which you think is bad and want to let go of?

-I sleep too late in the night. I Am trying to change that. Have succeeded a bit but I’m still not completely there. There was a time I would not sleep before 4 am. That has changed to 1 am. I wanna bring it down to 12.

(Outfit: Tarini Vij )

What is your biggest nightmare?

-Losing a loved one.


One person whom you always look up to in your life no matter what…. And why?

-There’s nobody. Your life is your choice and your decisions. I can be inspired by somebody for their achievements..but looking up to somebody in your life is too much for me.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

-Don’t get upset or angry when people criticize you.

( Outfit: Amore couture | Ring:  Bling Vine Jewellery | Earrings: Itahdnura Kollection j )

Tell us about your recent release. How does the project stand out?

-My last release was the web show tattoo murders on Hotstar. It was released in April but I still get msgs abt the show, and it’s too overwhelming when people appreciate your work. Every actor is hungry for validation and when that comes from your audience it’s totally a different feeling



Do you think we have evolved?

-Not yet! White is still beautiful. We still try to hide Pimples and acnes under our makeup. Skinny is still the best body form everybody is striving for. So clearly no , we haven’t evolved yet.


What is your idea of styling yourself?

-Don’t go overboard. I love to keep it simple and minimal. The most imp thing u should be able to breathe, sit, stand, and do anything that u wear. U cant look like a statue or a mannequin after dressing up.

What do you like in your spare time?

-I love to catch up on the latest shows. Tv binging is something I totally love. Eat and watch lots of TVs.


An actor’s work you always look forward to?

-Ranbir Kapoor, Meryl Streep, tabu.


What is your professional wish list?

-In Bollywood- Vishal Bhardwaj, slab, Rajkumar Hirani


Where do you see yourself in the coming five years?

-I don’t see that far. I’ll be glad if ill be able to see where I am tomorrow 



Styled by: Juhi A Ali
Photographer:  Denzil Christian
Hair & Make-up: Tanya Devnani
Co-ordinated by: Nadia Malik


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