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Top 10 Romantic holiday destinations

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Tropical islands, sandy beaches, Parisian streets have become the perennial motifs for the ultimate romantic getaway. But not every couple wants to simply kickback with a cocktail on the beach or a pain au chocolat in a quintessential Parisian café.

1.Tiptoe through the tulips, windmills and Amsterdam, the Netherlands is a great country to explore with your significant other. Amble through a village with canals instead of roads, a town that was once an island, and one of the prettiest cities in Europe.
-Giethoorn does not have the grandeur and history of Venice, but it is so utterly fetching it deserves a place in fairytales. The best way to get around is by boat, on canals lined with houses and gardens so utterly adorable, you just need to hold your partners hand and experience this transcendent fairy land.

2.Santorini in Greece is the sort of spot that might move you to marriage in the first place: visit this Cyclades isle with a beau and you’re bound to leave engaged. It oozes romance, with its pretty white houses tumbling down a part-sunken caldera. Stay in a boutique bolthole where you can sip Santorini wines on a private terrace while watching the sun sink into the glittering sea. Santorini islands are popular for its sublime sunsets.

3.Savour a few days of solitude with your partner at Gorubathan, West Bengal. This is a land that is the trifecta of thick, whispering sal forests, lush tea gardens, dizzyingly tall mountains and unfettered love.

4.Malawi is dominated by its lakes and its reputation for friendly people and easy travel. But, step away from the stereotypes and you’ll find much more. The country has beautiful and diverse landscapes, ranging from dramatic peaks to rolling grasslands, from hills and waterfalls to a tropical shoreline.

5.Go café hopping in Singapore; lots can transpire in a café including romance and Singapore is a nation that takes its food and drink seriously and is home to some of the funkiest cafes. If you or your partner is a food or beverage connoisseur then you know where to take him/her!

6.New Zealand’s Doubtful Sound is the less-visited sibling of Milford Sound. It is the remoteness that makes it so special especially if you take an overnight cruise with your significant other. Whether on a misty day or a sunny one, the views from the water are postcard material. It is an experience to absorb at a slow, thoughtful pace.

7.Take pleasure in the slow life in Mohali, Punjab. Forget your alarm clock at Baans Bagh- it’s the peacocks that wake you up. Loud and early, just in time to see a hint of the sun peeping out from behind the Shivaliks. By the time you’re out on the terrace with a cup of steaming coffee, the sun will have risen just enough to showcase a spectacular countryside view.

8.Wachau valley- the jewel of Lower Austria is the perfect take-it-easy romantic destination for an offbeat holiday. This 33km stretch along the Danube has all the quintessentially Austrian elements- ancient structures, quaint villages and, of course some of the best vineyards in the country. You can easily spend a few hours here lost in self-reflection. Being in this place with the love of your life feels like a warm embrace.

9.Take a beach break to Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu; on one side, the ocean laps the shore; on the other, salt pans glint like misplaces snow in the sunlight. Then, as the dust clears, a cluster of whitewashed structures with flecks of blue appears, and, suddenly, a Mediterranean vibe overrides the eerie desolation. This place has much more to offer than meets the eye. Spend your evenings cycling around followed by a scrumptious fish curry!

10. Take a romantic walk along the cherry blossom-lined streets in Kyoto, Japan. Cherry-blossom trees line the sidewalks, and pagodas sit atop lush green hills Venture into the center of authentic Japanese culture- visit temples fringed by Zen gardens and explore the many arenas of Japanese culture, cuisine and traditions. Once the capital of Japan, Kyoto flourished for centuries as the country’s cultural, religious, and economic center.

-Shailee Basu


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