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SWADESH Indian Folk & Tribal Art Event: A Celebration of India’s Cultural Heritage



Vidisha’s Creations proudly announces the resounding success of the SWADESH Indian Folk & Tribal Art Event, a two-day extravaganza held at Burjuman Mall’s B Hub on 9th and 10th May 2024. Dedicated exclusively to promoting Indian art, particularly folk and tribal arts, the event captivated audiences with its vibrant display of creativity and cultural richness.



The SWADESH event showcased three main activities:


PRADARSHINI (Exhibition): A mesmerizing display of over 80 Indian art forms, ranging from traditional paintings to indigenous crafts, provided a glimpse into the kaleidoscopic diversity of Indian culture.


PRASTUTI (Product Display): Artisanal products adorned with intricate Indian designs were showcased, offering visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of Indian craftsmanship.



KALASHALA (Art Workshop): Enthusiastic participants had the chance to learn the techniques of Indian artistry firsthand through engaging workshops conducted by seasoned artists.


Vidisha Pandey, the visionary curator behind the event, expressed her passion for promoting Indian art on a global platform. “India’s artistic heritage is a treasure trove of creativity and storytelling,” she remarked. “Our goal with SWADESH was to showcase the beauty and significance of Indian folk and tribal art forms, while also nurturing a deeper appreciation for our cultural legacy.”



The inauguration ceremony, graced by esteemed guests including Mr. Sunil Kumar (Consul of Passport), Ms. Mary Del Dosso (Mall Director), and renowned Indian artists Mr. Anjini Prakash Laitu & Mr. Atul Panase, marked the beginning of a cultural extravaganza that captured the essence of India’s artistic legacy.


The event wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and talent of over 30 artists, whose creative contributions brought the SWADESH vision to life. Their names stand as a testament to their commitment to showcasing India’s rich cultural heritage to the world.



As Indian art continues to garner international acclaim, events like SWADESH serve as vital platforms for promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. Vidisha’s Creations remains committed to its mission of celebrating India’s artistic legacy and looks forward to future initiatives that further enrich the global artistic landscape.



For more information, please contact: Vidisha’s Creations: +971565302635


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