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Walking Art – A White Coat Fashion Show For Our Healthcare Heroes – Artists supporting the fight against Covid-19.


As a token of gratitude from artists to our front line heroes, UAE’s artist community held an event as a tribute to every doctor. Hosted by DCOM Designs and The PaintBrush Art Community at Gulf Medical University, 26 artists painted 30 labcoats for active doctors, who walked the runway showing off their uniquely designed labcoats. Labcoats have become more than a symbol of what represents a doctor. It is a symbol of hope and a uniform for soldiers who putting their lives on the line to help others. This event was filled with appreciation towards their sacrifices and services in the fight against the pandemic. The event succeeded in sending the message of gratitude and putting our doctors on a pedestal which they truly deserve.


The event was attended by chief guest Prof. Hossam Hamdy (Chancellor Gulf Medical College) and guests of Honor Mr Uttam Chand (Consul Indian Consulate), Dr Bu Abdullah (Chairman Bu Abdullah Group), and Mr Paras Shahdadpuri (Chairman Nikai groups)


Each artist was enthusiastic and painted every labcoat with full affection for these frontliners. Artist who participated in Art walk were Ahmed Al Awadhi (Rukni), Adelina Maria Baldivin,  Afshan Quraishi, Akshay Arora, Anjini Prakash Laitu, Anil Kamble, Archana Udeshi, Anupama Jain, Iti Sethi, Jasmine Rizvi, Jyoti Singla, Lalita Sharma,  Mohamed Wadood, Nupur Jha, Niru Sibal,  Pari Sagar, Prabita Rajesh, Raisa Rajan, Rishu Gosain Roy, Sana Bano, Sapna Jain, Shobha İyer, Sonal Purohit, Sonal Madan Johar, Sugat Priyadarshi and Varsha Saju Nair. 


The founders of the paintbrush art community, Sonal and Dr. Romit Purohit, have collaborated with Vikas Bhargava (DCOM Designs) and came up with a unique coffee table book that would be featuring the artists from across the world. This event was a success with the support and team work by the featured artists of the upcoming book, ART AND ARTISANS. Sonal Purohit not only runs the Paintbrush Art Community but is also getting featured in the book along with 100 other international artists. 

Walking Art was aimed to support our front line workers and the artists who enveloped them in beautiful labcoats. Every artist got the opportunity of exposure from the show which was seen live on the Gulf Medical History University YouTube channel to a huge audience. It created levels of excitement and waves in UAE’s art world, and it was cherished by all the sections of the artists as well as the medical workers. 

-By Pari Sagar


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