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Journey from Dreamers to Doers – Richard Branson

Richard Branson came up with the idea of Student Magazine even after being called the dumbest person at school; Oprah Winfrey, now the renown speaker and writer, had a poverty-stricken past; our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi started with helping his father in the tea stall, and here they are all now. What did all these people have in common? A dream to achieve something, realising their potential in their respective fields, showing what they are actually capable of. They took the opportunity and started the journey from a dreamer to a doer.
We all have dreams, scenarios everyday in our minds to do the things we love. Just visualising is not enough. To make that dream a reality you need to wake up, put in the time and efforts, get your game up and make it come true.
An Irish poet once quoted, “The dreamers who must do what they dream. The doers who must dream what they do.” A dreamer always comes up with ideas and does them. For the same, you must give time to know everything about the field you want to enter in. Once you decide what’s best for you, you’ll always be motivated with the fact that the outcome will be something you’ve been waiting for so long.


There will be days when you feel like there has been no progress in your work, when you feel like there is no good end. You may start doubting your decision, thinking a way back from your journey. This will never help. Believe in whatever you are doing. You know you have the potential to do something for yourself, for your happiness, and you will cross limits to achieve the same. If you feel a lack of skill, try to overcome it rather than running away which is, I know, easy to speak, hard to do; but self consciousness is the thing that resists you from realising your true self. Don’t be cold-hearted toward yourself, stop self-criticism and start believing in yourself. We have a great internet exposure so start gaining more knowledge about your field of work, training for the skills you feel you lack at. Surround yourself with people who will motivate you for what you are and what you do and cut off from the ones who won’t encourage you be it even in the sense of a joke. The more positivity around you, the more you get away from doubting yourself.
People’s opinion may matter to you at some point, but don’t keep on asking for validation about everything. This will decrease the faith in yourself. Whatever you will choose will work out, maybe a little slower than you expected. Always keep your expectations reasonable. A tree isn’t full grown in a day. It needs time to grow from a seedling to a sapling to a plant and then a tree. The path might be something you didn’t prepare for, doesn’t mean you can’t beat it at the moment. Give your best.
Failure is the pillar of success. Don’t give in to fear. Fear makes you think there are people who are more talented than you and you aren’t capable of that. You are capable of everything you dream of. Don’t cut off the roots before the plant starts growing. Keep dreaming and keep living. Never have a shortage of dreams in your heart which will always make you work harder to make them true. Be a dreamer who did whatever he dreamed of.
Hirva Pabari


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