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International Friendship Day


The definition of a friend is known to almost everyone and doesn’t need any explanation. Friends are those beings who support you, tease you, love you, and then hate you too at the same time. Well, a group of friends isn’t less than a family, as we always share a strong bond with our “chuddy-buddies”. 

Most of us think that we don’t need any special day to remember our friends or make them feel special, but we sure do need a special day to celebrate our friendship, so, here it is, International Friendship Day 2021.

International Friendship Day is celebrated every year to honor friendship bonds all across the globe. So, in this article further, we will know more about the Date, History, Significance, and celebrations for International Friendship Day 2021.

Date of International Friendship Day:

The International Friendship Day is celebrated on 30th July 2021, however, in countries like Malaysia, UAE, and India it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. Hence, the International Friendship Day 2021 date is 1st August 2021.

International Friendship Day History:

The International Friendship Day was proposed in Paraguay for the first time in 1958, but the other countries celebrated the special day on different days and in different months. The suggestion to celebrate World Friendship Day on 30th July 1958 was proposed by the World Friendship Crusade.

International Friendship Day was first commemorated by the founder of Hallmark Cards at the Joyce Hall in 1930, following this, people realized that it was just a trick to sell cards.

International Friendship Day  Significance:




In every way, International Friendship Day 2021 is an important as well as a fun day, as it honors true friendship and the special bond of friends. Celebrated on the first Sunday of August in India, the day also emphasizes spreading the message of peace and compassion not only among people but also across the territories. Day also shows up as a ray of hope for a better world, and a good future.

Usually, the Friendship Day celebrations include showing love by exchanging greeting cards, gifts, handmade stuff, and also the special friendship day bands. However, during these times of pandemic, the special friendship day can be celebrated easily through organizing the video call session wherein you can have those long gossip sessions, or can stream online together to binge-watch your favorite shows. Showing some love by sending some flowers, cake, and gifts to your beloved friend will surely do some justice.


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