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A Woman’s True Beauty


Beauty, like honour, courage, creativity and many of the other thing we value most, is an abstract noun that’s very hard to define. Our opinion of what’s beautiful to one man might not be to another and vice versa. Others even more, however, argue that beauty is not something on the outside at all, but rather something that is inside of someone in the way they act and treat other people. A truly beautiful woman by this definition then would be someone who was kind and giving to her friends, understanding and thoughtful and who does good things for charities etc.

Of course, it is not really that simple either though, and even someone’s actions cannot be categorized simply as ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’. Again this is a matter of opinion and one person might find a person’s actions beautiful while another person disagrees. Here then, even when looking at someone’s personality and behavior, beauty is still very much in the eye of the beholder and is very much a matter of opinion. This is where most articles and opinion pieces will differ, saying that every woman is beautiful on the inside regardless of her appearance. However, in reality, this is not the case, and just like physical appearance one’s ‘true beauty’ is something that’s hard to define, that changes from individual to individual, and that you have to work at.


Thus it is very hard to know a woman’s true beauty and for a woman to know her own. At the same time, an external and internal beauty need not necessarily be mutually exclusive. The aim of the course is for the external appearance to reflect that internal beauty, and for the inner beauty to match that which is on the outside.

The best way to achieve this then is to be authentic and genuine while putting effort into every aspect of yourself. Be who you really are but work on your imperfections and your flaws. At the same time make sure you put time and effort into your appearance that will ensure you look your best while still retaining your own natural aura – do not cake yourself in makeup or wear miniskirts just to get approval.

This way you will slowly become the best version of yourself that you can be, and that’s when your true beauty will shine through – not only in how you look but in how you act.

By:  Mahima Bhalla
Image Source: Google Image, Pinterest.



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