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Top 9 Grooming Mistakes that You Must Stop Making

Top 9 Grooming Mistakes that You Must Stop Making

The problem with letting things go when it comes to grooming, it doesn’t take much for you to look like you stopped caring about what others think about how you look.

Top 9 Grooming Mistakes that You Must Stop Making

The goal here is simple, provide you the top nine grooming mistakes that you are making and how to quickly and effortlessly turn things around so you not only look great everyday, it takes less effort to do so.

Mistake #1: Not Using Moisturizer

Right now you are already shaking your head and thinking that real men will never use moisturizer on their faces. Those guys are real easy to spot in a crowd, just look for the guy with the dried up and wrinkled face, he is the real man that refuses to moisturize his face.

He might be a real man, but he is also pretty scary to look at up close. Moisturizing your face is the same thing as watering plants, without it, the skin dries up, gets damaged, and looks years older. Start incorporating a moisturizing routine each night, it only takes a minute out of your day.


Grooming Mistakes - Dry Skin

Mistake #2: The Hairy Neck

Now you put all that effort into getting your hair cut so you look manly, you even shave your face to perfection each week. Why is it you not giving your neck that same attention? Nothing looks worse that a great haircut and a hairy neck.

Most guys just figure that the barber can worry about it when they are in the chair next month. By that time, that bushy area looks overgrown and unkempt. If you can’t shave the neck using a couple mirrors, ask a family member to help between haircuts.

Mistake #3: Overgrown Back Hair

If you really want to make that lasting impression at the next pool party, let that back hair grow out. Most guys figure that because they can’t reach or see the back hair, it doesn’t really pose a problem. Once your shirt comes off, take a look at how people react and you might want to take some steps to either

Once your shirt comes off, take a look at how people react and you might want to take some steps to either ask a family member to shave it for you or find a place in town where they can do it for you. A clean-shaven back goes a long way in showing the world you are really on your game.

Mistake #4: Too Much Hair Product

Stop piling on the hair products, you look like you dunked your head in a tub of grease. The key to perfecting your look is to find the right balance of style and product. If you hair is so unmanageable you need a can of gel to hold it in place, get the hair trimmed down to where it is more manageable.

Besides the new look getting you much needed attention, you use less product to perfect the look and need less time in the bathroom to do so.

Top 9 Common Grooming Mistakes

Mistake #5: Not Drinking Enough Water

If you didn’t know it already, the largest organ in your body is your skin. Your skin is made of mostly water, and to keep it looking healthy, it requires a constant replenishing during the day.

When you are not getting enough water each day, not only are you hurting the health of other organs, the skin will appear to look dry, flaky, and wrinkled, and seriously, no one wants to see that.

A simple fix, make it a habit to drink more water each day or eat more fruits and vegetables that have a high water content.

Mistake #6: Waxing the Eyebrows

While you might get a point for being willing to go that extra mile, there really is no reason to have your eyebrows waxed to a fine line like most women have. If you tend to have bushy eyebrows, use trimmers to thin them out, but stop with the waxing already.


This grooming mistake is easy to rectify, just run your beard trimmer at a lower setting over the eyebrows and they look perfect. Too much waxing brings unnecessary attention to your eyebrows and makes you look like a drag queen.

Mistake #7: Wild Nose and Ear Hair

Seriously? You are not 99 years old and can’t see those wild hairs growing from your ears and nose! Having overgrown hair in the ears and the nose are not only unattractive, for a guy it is completely unacceptable. This grooming mistake should be number one, it has the potential to kill your chances getting dates, jobs, and making friends too.

With all the advances in electric shavers these days, just look for one that has the ear and nose trimmer attachment and make short work of cleaning up these areas today.


Mistake #8: The Unibrow

Yes, I said it! The time has come to get rid of that unibrow. If you do have that patch of hair connecting your two eyebrows together and nobody has commented that you need to fix it, then let this be fair warning. No one likes the unibrow and people are absolutely making fun of you when your back is turned.

Top Grooming Mistakes - The Unibrow

The fix here is simple, and will completely transform your look and how people look at you too. Grab those sharp tweezers and start yanking the middle eyebrow hairs out until you can actually distinguish that you do in fact have two separate eyebrows.

Mistake #9: The Same Haircut

If you have not changed your haircut since high school, now might be the time to mix things up a little. When you get a new haircut, it is like breathing new life into your appearance. Not only will you be easily noticed, you will have this shot of confidence running through your body that will allow you to step up and take better care of yourself.

Once you start eliminating these common grooming mistakes from your life, you will notice that the world looks at you differently. There will be a new spring in your step, you are going to turn more heads, and it will take less time each day to pull off your new look!

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