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Indoor Workout Tips To Get Fit


Now that you are all ready and motivated to exercise, the following are the top indoor workouts to try out. The list includes a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, which are also beginner-friendly. If you are a pro, increase the intensity of these exercises and you are good to go!


Jumping Rope Workout or Skipping:

One easy and effective way to kick-start your workout routine is with a jump rope. Engaging the hands, legs, and the core, jumping rope or skipping is a full-body workout. Experts recommend five minutes of skipping for beginners. You can increase the number of sets over time and take it up to four sets of five minutes each. Make sure to take a 30-second interval between each set.


Stair Steppers:

Stair stepping or stair climbing is a good indoor workout option. This cardio exercise will help you tone your legs while strengthening your thigh and calf muscles. You can run/climb up and down a flight of stairs a set number of times depending on your energy level and steadily increase it. Make sure that your back is in an upright position to avoid injuries.



A healthy exercise routine should include cardiovascular and weight training exercises. Burpees, which many fitness enthusiasts swear by, are perfect for strengthening the muscles in your arms, chest, abs, and hamstrings with your body weight.

A five-step guide to burpees – hold a squat position, do a squat thrust, then a push-up, followed by a frog jump, and then back to the original position with a jump squat.



It is another great way to strengthen your arms. In the beginning, hold the position for 30 seconds and slowly prolong up to 120 seconds. The goal is to increase your heart rate and maintain it during each repetition.



This is a compound exercise, which means it engages different muscles and hence has multiple benefits. Make sure that you maintain the correct form when doing a squat. First, bend your knees slightly and keep your back upright. Also, inhale with every squat and exhale when you stand back up. Gradually try out variations like dumbbell squats and sumo squats.


Walking Lunges:

Another lower-body exercise to strengthen your quads, thighs, gluts, and hamstrings. Lunges help increase muscle mass on your legs, reduce extra fat, and build strength. Make sure that you align your spinal posture throughout the workout.




These are a great way to work your upper body. You can start with three sets, 10 push-ups per set with a 30-second interval. The mantra is to have enough time between each set so that your muscles have adequate rest. A push-up is an aerobic exercise, which means it utilizes maximum effort for a short while, unlike a cardio exercise. It is beneficial if you are pushing through an exercise plateau and want to meet a new goal.


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