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Funun Arts Group gears up to wow audiences with an artistic spectacle at INDEX Dubai


Index Dubai delivers three days of focused high-impact business networking, product showcases, market insights and engaging experiences to get you back to business, safely. INDEX is a world-renowned, large-scale trade (B2B) exhibition that has been connecting interior designers, buyers, retailers, distributors, consultants and contractors to interiors brands, products and services from across the globe for over 30 years.

Funun arts is representing as a Creative Hub partner with the Index exhibition. The founders of Funun Arts – Shiba Khan and Farah Khan are creating a new movement in art world bringing artist together on the platform of Index Dubai. Funun Arts has been widely appreciated for their initiatives towards social and noble causes for a better society, and has been engaged in offering a helping hand to those in need. They believe that art is not only brushes and canvases; it is also a form to communicate your thoughts without any constraint, and that brings about a sense of positive energy which brightens the spirit of the onlooker.

Funun Arts are featuring several artists to showcase their beautiful creations. Few of them are traveling from other countries specially to be the part of the event. Get ready to be wowed during the 3 day exhibition as they will showcase art pieces of all forms such as paintings, photographs, sculptures, artisans and home décor to name a few.

In addition to this, artists will be conducting live painting on the Initials INDEX in the different areas of the venue which will then be placed together on 2nd Day. Members of the Funun Arts Group such as


Shaikh Saifi- Pakistan

Saida Bano- India

Aparna Sreejith- India

Tatiana Yatlo- Ukraine

Khan Ayaan Abdulla- India

Sulaiman Khan

Yasmin Hamid

Sumaiyyah Faridi

Mustapha Chouhaibi- Morocco

will be conducting their own private live paintings to entertain the audience. Make sure to not miss their creative minds at work!


Find Funun Art at Hall No- 4, Stand – 4A161, 4A162, 4A169, 4B168

Presenting all participating artists with Funun Arts Group:

  • Amal Mirajkar- India
  • Esraa Shoushan- Egypt
  • Farah Khan- India
  • Hafsa Haseeb- Pakistan
  • Kariman Ahmed Ibrahim- Egypt
  • Khan Ayaan Abdulla- India
  • Muneera Munassar Naji- UAE
  • Pari Sagar- India
  • Rafa Tom- Lebanon
  • Rafah Abdulrazzak- Syria
  • Rima Moukahal- Lebanon
  • Rose Jaranya- Thailand
  • Sara Shoushan- Egypt
  • Sharareh Tabatabaei- Iraq- Germany
  • Shiba Khan- India
  • Tsebro Katerina- Ukraine
  • Varsha Saju Nair- India
  • Vinu Aravind- India


Doors will open from 31st May, 11am until 2nd June to what has been a near-impossible feat in Halls 3 & 4 of the Dubai World Trade Centre for Indexdubai. Make sure to visit and soak in the creative energy of the hall and witness some never before seen art and talent.


Click on the link to get your free pass https://registration.gesevent.com/survey/1sadztb7mkfxe



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