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My name is Vandana Sengupta and I am so delighted to tell you that I am a VOICE COACH .
I got trained in art of theatre and then eventually branched out to art of voicing. I got trained in voicing for two years and then started giving my voice to – voicing industry, thereby honing my voice skills and focusing my voice to become versatile in order to serve the client requirement at it’s best. After giving my voice to various channels.serials, advertisements, ebooks, elearning etc. I thought of sharing my experience with the world, thus started ” viva” , my platform where my passion and my vision – voice training is a must for each and every human being , started taking its shape.
I love teaching voice, and I love voice to its deepest realms.
I definitely can help you change your voice texture and give a new meaning to your voice.
I love working with special children and have achieved amazing results.
I have designed my own voice exercises and modules and these are magical and works wonders.
So come and fall in love with your voice with me.

About viva voice academy

Viva Voice Academy is a caring, passionate driven organization dedicated to serving the needs of the voice and speech profession and to developing the art and science of the human voice. Viva Voice Academy is a growing and well represented talent organization.
Some thoughts have a progressive voice like birds’ chirping, dancing galaxies, blue hill sunrises, sunset in the misty oceans, let’s take a pause and explore these thoughts and dive within us to find and glaze our voices by looking at the possibility of refining and tuning it with Viva Voice Academy.
“Viva Voice Academy” is a popular Voice Institute for people with a passion to reach for the sky, above and beyond to explore the world of voicing.

We take great pride and honor in boldly letting the masses and classes know that our Director the very charismatic Vandana Sengupta, founder of this academy, has built a voice community through her voice expertise with a vision of providing a platform to each and every one to explore the realms of voice and help people use their voice effectively.
CARVAAN is our graduation program that showcases the talent and skills of students after completing their course with Viva Voice Academy.


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