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Bringing Meditation in your lifestyle!!



I am a type of person, who can’t sit patiently for a single moment. I need to always keep moving and live an active lifestyle. As an artist I spend more time with myself than with others. I needed some extra energy to have a spirited social life. So adding life to life was my first goal. I did that by practicing yoga and meditation and it was an absolutely delightful and life changing experience.


I remember when I just started learning the art of meditation. I was so hard on myself! But I was told on authority that every meditation technique works when you enter it from a happy place.

What happens when you any random friend, family member or even a stranger whether like to meditate?

Most of the time the answer would be no! It’s either that they find it boring or that at times they find their minds wandering or focusing somewhere else. They figure that it’s hard to meditate or find it difficult to visualize their happy place. When their mind is overflown with too many thoughts, they tend to fidget and cannot sit still for the meditation. Their thoughts are carrying fear and anxious feelings at all times and struggle to have a peace of mind. They feel that they have so many other important things to focus on that they cannot spare 15 to 20 minutes to meditate.

Let’s Simplify the Art of Meditation

Meditation- Dhyana

Meditation is to discipline your mental health. Concentrating exclusively on an object and being aware of the changes during the observation without reacting to them.

Here are different kinds of meditation – With or without concrete focus.

The concrete meditation technique is when a specific characteristic serves as focus for the concentration and attention. The abstract form of meditation requires no specific characteristic and is formless. It’s possible to float across from a concrete meditation into a non-concrete as a semi-abstract form of meditation. 


7 Beginner Meditation tips

Mantra Meditation 

In this meditation you can use mantra as a tool to bring focus to your awareness. Each mantra contains a kind of energy rather like a frequency that you tune into to receive a signal from a radio station. Mantras are usually used in a repetitive forms.

For example just chanting “Om…” or adding any of your favorite god to the chant – “Om Namah Shivay…”.


Mountain Melting Exercise

This meditation works by focusing on any specific part of your life.  For example bringing awareness of your relationship to yourself, your relationship with your work or your companion, or your relationship with world. In this mountain melting exercise you just let go of all the blocks that are blocking your growth, power and helps you to be happy and gain a better understanding of yourself.


Art Therapy Meditation 

Art has a healing power. With proper guidance, it can be very fruitful. Destress yourself with therapeutic intuitive art where you create art with your non dominant hand and discover interesting stories that lie within your subconscious mind.


Lotus Meditation

Lotus Meditation improves the relationship with parents, relatives or friends. Accepting the people around you in much kinder way while sitting in a Sukhasana or Vajrasana poses. You can choose which ever position is most suitable to you. 


Mudra Meditation

Mudra means to seal and refers to the positions of your hands, fingers, eyes or tongue. Mudra meditation encourage concentration and improves flow of life and helps you to perform better in your creative field and bring conscious awareness of this energy.



World is built with imagination. If you can’t imagine there is no possibility of growth. So begin to visualize, create and achieve your goals as the base of your imagining process.

Visualization meditation provides means by which you can nurture positive emotions towards your events and situations in order to unlock and experience the energies contained within them.


Manifestation and Abundance 

We can be creators of certain circumstances of our lives. Everything we manifest comes from subconscious mind. Learning to manifest with the conscious mind is the art of learning and training your mind.


How does it help me?

  1. It empowers you with the basics of healing.
  2. It leads you to your life purpose. 
  3. Reduces stress and anxiety.
  4. Releases trauma.
  5. Unblocks your emotions, allowing yourself to be expressive.
  6. Allowing yourself to be forgiven and easily forgiven by others.
  7. Clears karmic baggage.
  8. See the truth with no judgments.
  9. Enhance your sleeping patterns.
  10. Build confidence.
  11. It strengthens your immune system.
  12. Clear your auras and chakras.
  13. It help you to connect yourself to mother earth and be grateful.
  14. Connect yourself to the universe to a higher power.
  15. Live your life feeling lighter and brighter as you transform yourself.


Sometimes Meditation goes beyond studies. Different kinds of meditation work for different people. Experiment to see which method suits you best. It depends on your individual situation to choose which is most appropriate to your need.



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