In the young generation era, most of the youth go on a date, In hope of getting a loving and caring girlfriend or boyfriend. Dating plays a very important role in selecting your partner, as people say “First impression is the last impression.” So, your first impression should be sweet and charming. Relax; you shouldn’t be nervous on your very first date. Just keep in mind “Que Sera Sera” roughly translated in English as “What will be, will be”. So, don’t get stressed or nervous. Stay relaxed, pretend that he’s just your another friend. That will help you stay relaxed. Some girls who didn’t go to any date in past; here are some tips for those girls.

·Be at the time:

oWhen you have decided the venue and the time be at the venue at the time. Don’t make him wait. Neither should he make you wait.

·Show up your inner beauty:

He will get attracted to your inner beauty. Like, when you laugh, how you handle the life situations, your perspective on the life etc.

·Don’t get overdressed:

Your dressing does matter, but not that much. Just wear something that you’re comfortable in and looks adorable on you. Don’t wear too much makeup either; just a light makeup will work. Don’t wear a strong perfume as well. Just take shower before you go on the date.

·Stay away from your phone:

oJust don’t touch your phone until you need it. You can chat with your friends later. The guy in front of you matter currently. So put your phone away and have some nice conversation.

·Don’t be paranoid:

oDon’t ask too many questions about his personal life. Just ask him where he lives, what he does, what are his hobbies, what kind of books and movies he likes etc. Don’t ask personal information on first date. Make face like you’re interested in his talks, even if you aren’t.

·Be attentive:

oPay close attention to his body language and his talks. These are two major subjects to pay attention to. Observe how he treats the waiter and other people. Is he soft spoken person or a rude one?

·Be honest:

oWhile communicating, if he asks questions like your hobbies, be honest and answer it right way. Don’t lie about your hobbies or about anything. Honesty is the best policy, as we say.

·Offer to pay:

oWhen you’re done with dinner or anything, just offer to pay, even you aren’t going to pay. This will leave a nice impression on the guy.

There is something I would like to say to boys as well.

·It’s your responsibility to make her feel safe.

oShe must feel safe and happy when she’s with you. So, don’t do such things that make her feel unsafe or unhappy.


oIf she’s completely honest with you, then you too, should be honest to her and freely talk about your past and the present, just don’t lie about anything. Honesty is the most expected thing a girl can ask for.

·Things take time

oThings take time, so give her some time and space to deciding things. Don’t force her about taking decisions or anything. So, don’t be clingy around the girl, and let her have some her own space.


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