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Style it cause it is Holi!

Style it cause it is Holi!

What are you wearing on holi? Are you going to dig into the deepest corners of your closet and pick out the oldest dress to wear while playing Holi? Think again! It is not always about getting dirty with a lot of colours. You need to make sure you’re comfortable and maintain your dignity while celebrating the festival of colours. So, when men can wear whatever they want, women must read this post to make sure that they don’t undergo any kind of embarrassing moments during the festival of colours.

Here are tips for what to wear during Holi:

  1. Choose the Right Fabric: Make sure that the fabric of the dress you’re wearing doesn’t cling to your body or it is going to look really vulgar when you play with water. The clothes must be loose and non-sticky. Frock style Dresses, jeans, harems, loose kurtas etc go really well with the occasion. Also, make sure that the fabric doesn’t get transparent after getting wet. You don’t want to look obscene in your clothes.
  2. No dark colours: there is a reason why people wear white during Holi. It is the tradition to wear dark colours during the festival. The real flavour of the festival comes when you’re wearing white. But you can also experiment with other light colours.
  3. Befriend Dupatta: After getting wet with a bucket full of water balloons, women often get conscious about their body. You don’t want to grab all the attention towards your bosom. In such times, dupatta comes to your rescue. Dupatta can save you from a lot of embarrassment. So, even if you’re wearing western dress, go for a scarf or fully-fledged dupatta.
  4. Go for a saree: Saree is the traditional dress worn during Holi and it goes really well with the look and feel of the festival. You can also try to wear a saree in a funky style to enhance your look. Even a salwar kurta looks great during Holi.

Of course, we know you have made the decision about what to wear during holi but these points might make you reconsider your decision. Make sure you have read them carefully and follow them. That is for your own good. Stay safe and enjoy the festival of colours and joy. Happy Holi.


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