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Boss baby Krishna Shroff Our August month Cover Star! (Interview)


1) How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

 Ans: 1. Straightforward 2. Genuine 3. Grateful 4. Easy-going 5. Unique


2) What makes you smile and what scares you the most?

Ans: My brother makes me smile and small spaces scare me the most. I’m extremely claustrophobic.


3) Are you planning to come into any other movies?

Ans: Never been in a movie and don’t plan to anytime soon.




4) What is your greatest strength and weakness?

Ans: My greatest strength would probably be the fact that I can adapt to any person, setting, or situation and my greatest weakness would only be seen by my family. I’m extremely reactive when it comes to them because they’re the only people who matter.


5) What type of movie do you like to act in the most? If get a chance?

Ans: Probably action because I guess that would come to me most naturally. Ask me to fake laugh or do anything choreographed and I’m out.


6) Do you have any plans to come into Bollywood?

Ans: Not anytime soon. Maybe when I’m old and bored and don’t have anything else to do or look forward to during my days.


7) What do you think success is easier to achieve, or it is not meant for everybody?

Ans: I think success is easily attainable, especially in today’s world; however, it is extremely hard to keep. It takes a special human being to stay at the top considering the amount of talent across the world.



8) How does it feel to be so successful?

Ans: I wouldn’t consider myself “so” successful. I think I’ve been privileged to have the platform I have and to be able to showcase my skill set to a larger audience and help motivate and inspire the youth of our country to the best of my ability.


9) What is your mantra of success?

Ans: I feel like we’re getting repetitive here, but consistency is key. Also, keep your own goals in sight, be patient, and you’ll soon realise that nothing is unattainable.


10) If you weren’t famous, what would you be up to right now?

Ans: I’d probably still be living life the same way that I currently do because I stay true to who I am no matter the circumstances.


11) KID ACTOR NAME” is a renowned name today; how do you feel about all the success you have achieved at such a tender age?

Ans: Again, I don’t think I’m one to talk about this as I still have a long way to go. The only thing I can keep doing is to draw inspiration from my brother and the other amazing people around me in order to push myself to be better every day. The rest will follow.



12) Anything in works that you can talk about? Any exciting new projects?

Ans: That’s for me to know and for you guys to find out. 🙂


13) Who do you think could be really good role models for teens, and why?

Ans; I think my brother’s a great role model for teens. He’s the ideal brother, son, and boyfriend. Any person would be lucky to have him be a part of their lives.


14) What is the Mantra of your success?

Ans: I feel like I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: Consistency is key.


15) One thing that comes to your mind when I say: Beauty, Love, Dance!

Ans: Beauty: Mom, Love: Dad, and Dance: Tiger.



16) Tell us about somebody you look up to; a person who has shaped the way you think and behave?

Ans: I would probably have to say my father, mother, and brother. I don’t really let anyone else have that power or influence in my life. I do look up to my brother in a lot of ways. I love his drive to be the best. It makes me push myself more and more every single day because he always says that if he (or any of us) isn’t putting in that effort today, then someone else out there is working harder to take your spot.


17) How do you feel about nepotism in Bollywood and if the industry is fair to ‘outsiders’?

Ans: Nepotism 100% exists. However, what people need to realize is that along with the silver spoon also comes as much (if not more) hard work. The legacy our parents have or have left behind within the same industry is unmatchable and the constant comparison or expectation is extremely nerve wracking. Yes, we have opportunities, but if you’re not honest with your work, that platform you’ve gotten will be extremely short lived.


18) Describe the next five years of your life, and your plans.

Ans: I’m not a future planner. I hardly have a plan for tomorrow. I believe in living in the moment and making the best out of every scenario that comes my way. As long as you’re a good human being a king the way, the rest will follow.


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