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I wanna be a Billionaire so EFFING bad …


Everybody wants to be a Billionaire but how? That’s an interesting questions. Don’t worry we will show you some ways to become a Billionaire.

Earning sufficient income to ensure regular savings and investments is the basic of building wealth. The more sources of income the better especially if some of those sources are passive or unearned.

Earning active income:

Money is received in exchange for work. Services are performed for an employer, client or customer in return for financial reward in the form of salaries or wages, tips, commission or other forms of income.

Earning Passive income:

Money is received in exchange for the ongoing effort. It is earned from investments, which requires some work to set up but then needs less attention. The term can also be used to refer to money making activities outside employment.

Some of the source of earning Passive income are as follow:
1)Saving accounts can offer high returns, but it is important to know how easy it is to access money.
2)Blogging on a popular subject can be monetized in various ways.
3)Royalty payments can be negotiated for photography, writing, or other creative work.
4)Rent from a house or spare room can provide individuals with a regular source of funds.
5)Online market places and auctions can raise funds through selling unwanted items.
6)Focus and market research groups pay individual to trial new products.

Regardless of the source of income if an individual doesn’t have enough amount to oay his basics needs then he should concentrate on active income rather than passive income.

-Rahul Jain


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