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The Paradox of Borderless World – Well Bordered Life

In the ancient times,
You have a small land where you grow enough food for urself- you move a tiny step ahead-expertise in it and then create some surplus to feed yourself and your children hence no  artificial chemicals,preservatives  etc..
With local material you produce locally.
So don’t eat rice if u live in a region that doesn’t grow rice..
Eat mangoes only if ur summer allows you to grow them in your backyard
Grow local ,Make local , Eat local Stay local…
Wear clothes that are produced in your climate for your climate
Be a self sufficient Region- mind you i still haven’t said – city, village, district, state, country …..
Our ancestors were fitter and healthier as they consumed everything which had low shelf life…
Because shelf life products decrease our self life
In our forefathers generations- a well equipped region used to have just one carpenter, one goldsmith, one vegetable vendor, one textile vendor, one butcher in the region to support the region-this new region  will only
have what is needed to support the population- both jobs and consumption.
Education was built around these foundations- very local…and yes EQ-Economic Quotient,SQ-Spiritual Quotient  should be agenda one every educational system..let’s call them Gurukuls.
Infact this region can have its own currency… why do we really need a global currency?
Make this land a self sufficient paradise!
Many industries like aviation transportation etc were started during wars – the underlying emotion behind it
was security…rather insecurity …
So a well bordered world that respect social distancing per se will not have need and aspire to encroachment ,power and greed!
If ppl should travel they must  add value to themselves- learn a new skill, discover a new art, relish nature or nourish themselves with that local food…not to run for a Mcdonald, shop for. brands, dip themselves in an artificial pool..
And what if one needs a product of one region for another regions consumption- we don’t trade..the law of universe is abundance and not trade…
Trading is a programming done to human mind to feel lack, increase greed,negotiate all of which are low emotions.
Let’s collaborate… let us teach the locals to produce what the region demands..don’t trade…multiply your skill…
Art of Dulplucaiton
Let the per capita income increase.. many of us don’t know what is the meaning of per capita income- it means that every  member in the family must be able to put his/ her skills to work to increase the regions GDP…except children who must be given free will to explore their interests…explore life…
Only then it will be called a well bordered world.
Many might say- Oh!whats the point.. we are going back 100s of years… I ask what was wrong 100s of years ago
We had more refined food, medicine, education ….and ultimately longitivity of life…the paradox of going forward….
The New Well Bordered World!


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