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Resurrecting the classics- By Nilesh Karani, King’s, DIFC, Dubai


If  I were to ask you, name some stars or people whom you find stylish (stylish; does not mean wearing branded products) in today’s times; most probably, you may struggle, to name a few. However, someone familiar with the style icons in the 50s and the 60s would name Fred Astaire, Gary Cooper, Humphrey Bogart, and Clark Gable. They wore everything bespoke to their body shape, style, and occasions. They styled their wardrobe for a specific look, and they mixed and matched them with sprezzatura. Today we live in a fast fashion and a disposable world. Most of the so-called fashion-related products now are made to last for a season. I can undoubtedly say that ‘they don’t make them like that anymore’ for someone who has experienced the quality of products and their construction like in the good old days.

When we speak of style, it’s generally about effortless style and comfort. It was a common practice during earlier days for people to choose bespoke construction of attires and shoes. The tailors and shoemakers were

conscious and recommended styles in which their clients sought.  They would style the clothing in a way that would correct the minor physical imperfections.

The person’s presentation in a bespoke attire separates them from those who have just picked up something from a store. The attention to detail, the fit, and the style are meant for the person wearing them. Not just that, but the construction of anything handmade is remarkably sturdier and more durable. 


I want to draw your attention to shoes. The art of handcrafted shoes has been missing from the lives of the Millennials. Most of them would not know that you can get shoes made by a shoemaker, handcrafted in the choice of color, style, and materials of your preference. You can make a custom shoe to your liking of the occasion, the toe shape, the materials to be used, the color, and the contrast. There is a plethora of options from leather, rubber, military, and even a military-grade sole. Oil and pigment painting (called the Patina) on shoes is gaining popularity these days amongst the more stylish and more audacious souls who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

As the sneaker and joggers gain popularity, many stylish options are available to sport these on many opportunities.  

At www.kings.online; you can have any shoe style customized to your liking with choices of leather, suede,  patent leather, fabric, mesh, linen, and velvet.  We have created a state-of-the-art interactive interface to get your imagination and ideas flowing to create something unique to you. All the shoes manufactured are from Spain and handcrafted to perfection by traditional artisans. 

To have a pair of these beauties, you need to remember that you are investing in yourself to style yourself and brand yourself in ways that weren’t possible a few years back. The internet and related technologies have allowed us to get you a precise rendering of the shoes you order, with attention to the exact detail creation as done in the design process. These are high-quality luxury shoes with an affordable price tag for a bespoke shoe made in Europe.

Here is the very inspiring Rowan Row in multitudes of styles with different pairs of shoes:


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