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Must Try Modaks This Ganesh chaturthi


Ten days of mad fun, get-togethers, tasty food and crazy dancing have begun. One thing to be learnt from Lord Ganesh is, never compromise on Food. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. Eat well, celebrate well :). The festivities brings with it lots of fun, faith and of course food! Modak being the most popular and the most experimented sweet on Ganesh Chaturthi, here are some of our favourite varieties you must relish.


Steamed Modak

Cooked rice flour makes for the soft outer coating while the insides of the modak are bursting with flavours of coconut, jaggery and cardamom. Ganesh utsav is incomplete without these, steam modaks are original and the most delicious variety of modaks. Must have during the festivities, one cannot stop at one. The most divine sugary delight.

Chocolate Modak

Nothing can beat the combination of chocolates and modaks, chocolate modaks could either be made with chocolate filling or could also be an actual chocolate shaped like a modak. It’s a double bonanza for every sweet tooth.

Fried Modak

Generally available in small, pop-in-the-mouth sizes, this heavenly delight has a thin, crisp coating and a coconutty filling. The popular and traditional variety, fried modaks are like kachoris or ghugras with variations in the texture of the casing. Due to longer shelf life, fried modks are preferred over their steamed comrade.

Peda Modak

Ganesh Utsav followers scowl upon this particular variety, the peda modaks are regular mawa peda shaped like modaks. Widely used during the pooja and aartis during the festival. From magaj and churma to motichoor and besan, these modaks are made with all the varieties of sweets that you find on a regular basis. Siddhi Vinayak temple in Bombay offer the best variety of peda modak. If you ever visit the temple don’t miss to have these little drops of heaven.

Flavoured Modak

Fan of different flavours? Flavoured modaks are here to give your palate variety in that too. Now you can have some kaju katri shaped like a modak or even have a strawberry flavoured one with the kind of innovations there are. If you want to experiment with the basic ones, go ahead and simply add the flavour you want to satiate your plate.

Source: Foodpanda


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