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5 mandals in Mumbai that you should visit this Ganesh Chaturthi

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1. Lalbaugcha Raja
Lalbaughcha Raja is the oldest known Pandal in Mumbai. The idol is a visual spectacle with all its grandeur. Every year, the mandal comes up with different themes. And it attracts the maximum crowd. This is the 81st year of Lalbaugcha Raja.

2. Girgaoncha Raja
Located in Girgaon, Girgaoncha Raja is the tallest among all the idols of Lord Ganesha in the city. It is the only eco-friendly Ganpati. Unlike the other idols, which are made of Plaster of Paris, Girgaoncha Raja is made with Shadu clay, which is especially imported from West Bengal. This is the same clay which is used in making idols of goddess Durga.

3. Andhericha Raja
Andhericha Raja is famous for his spectacular themes which bemuses the devotees of Lord Ganesh every year. Over the years, they have replicated temples themes like the Akshardham, Somnath, Mangueshi, Saras Baug and many more. It would be interesting so see what they come up with this year.

4. GSB Seva Mandal
Located in Wadala, the idol is made to sit on a 22 carat gold-plated throne and embellished with precious jewels. This is the riches idol in the city and its opulence leaves you in awe.

5. Khetwadicha Raja
It holds the record of making the tallest Ganesh idol in Maharashtra. With each passing year, the makers increase the height of the idol.

Source: IBN LIVE


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