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A True Gift: Best Unworldly Gift a Brother can Give to his Sister


The basic essence of any festival in India is to celebrate them together with our family. Raksha bandhan is a festival which celebrates the sister- brother relationship. It celebrates the bond and affection between brother and sister. The sister prays for her brothers well being and happiness and brother promises to protect her be there for her.

Not a single festivity in India is complete without the gathering, sweets, gifts , the noise and celebration. The sister prepares a pooja thali with sweets, rakhi, diyaand and roli. Sister ties the rakhi on their brothers wrist the bless them. The brothers give return gift which symbolises acceptance of her love and promise to keep her safe.

But when we get older, the festival is not about finding the most beautiful rakhi or selecting the most unique and extravagant gift. Sisters just want simple things from their brothers. This year give her the most precious gift for which she has being waited for so long to receive. GO VISIT HER and CELEBRATE this day with her.



She understands that you are busy with your studies or job or family. Every year she posts rakhi to you and every year you give her expensive gifts . But just imagine her happiness when she gets to see you on this occasion. Amidst from all that busy schedule of yours, take out some time for her once a year and see the joy and happiness you promised on her face.





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