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How To Be An Effective Leader And Climb The Ladder Of Success In Any Business


Everyone is fascinated by the idea of being a leader. But only few develop the morals and ideals to actually be one. A true leader is much more than just some buffed up low pitched voice individual who orders people around sitting in some lavish restaurant and making the calls. Read on to know about significant qualities of a true leader.

  1. Being Independent:

Any leader is at first independent. This means that when left alone to work on any or all aspects of a project, a leader can willingly pursue that by himself (or herself). To develop into such a person, know how you are dependent on others and then cut off those strands that make you dependent on them. Develop and build yourself into a truly independent person. To explain with the help of an example, if you have opened a gym, you may have hired cashier, accountant, trainers and nutritionist. To really be a leader, you will need to learn about each and every facet of your organization. Learn to be a trainer, learn doing accounts yourself, and talk to people yourself to get them into your gym. Now you may not be fully equipped in being a dietitian as that requires professional degree. In such cases, just learn some aspect of it. Like motivating people to stick to their diet regimen, encouraging them to follow their diets. This will make you self-dependent to the core and you will be able to keep the industry running.

  1. Being Patient:

A true leader is patient. Others may fancy some exaggerated reactions or they may show tantrums but a true leader can never do that. For example, to make a film, a producer is often someone who is always on his best behavior. Artists may show tantrum, a director may become outrageous but a producer is someone who always is patient and accepting.

  1. Being Convincing:

No person is a leader as he or she doesn’t know how to convince people. To really have true convincing ability, one must maintain and be in accordance with holding on to truth and know things in and out. Being convincing requires a person to shun their ego and be accepting of that which is right. This will impart true learning values and the person will then be close to an embodiment of someone who is always right.

  1. Being Charismatic:

Charisma is a quality often ignored over time by people, even ones who have potential to be outstanding leaders. To have real charisma, there is only a simple tip – ‘Just be you’. If someone is true to himself, is accepting and keeps on correcting himself, he or she is surely to develop a charismatic personality. Charisma can come out in voice or body language or even in thoughts. So know yourself truly and you will find out your own charismatic ability.

  1. Being Bold:

There come times when a person needs to empower those who rely on them or just be daring to head on for what they believe in. Such times call for only one virtue, the virtue of being bold. Boldness isn’t a mere portrayal of a raised voice. It’s actually hidden in our actions, in our decision making abilities. If you recall the words from the film ‘usual suspects’, it says – “The people who have the will to do what others don’t dare to do are the ones who are really powerful.”

To end this on a very simple note, I would urge you to think about the very core team of people you are attached to – Your family. When you think about your family, there is always someone who really possesses above qualities and is truly a leader. Someone who is Independent, charismatic, bold, convincing and patient – Mothers. Salute to all mothers for they have been and shall always be true leaders.


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