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7 Things Every Man Needs To Start Doing Today

7 Things Every Man Needs To Start Doing Today


You of course know that the decisions you make affect your future.…But what a lot of guys don’t remember:

It’s not just the big things (like going to college, getting married, and having children) that have a big impact…

…it’s the seemingly tiny decisions you make consistently (like adding to your retirement account every month or daily exercise/consistent healthy eating).

And I get it:

Those things seem so small compared to the bigger stuff… but those tiny decisionshave a huge impact on your future. Think about it: is it easier to fund a retirement account in a week… or over a 30-year period? And is it easier to lose 20 lbs. over the weekend… or by exercising and eating healthy every day?

In other words: by not doing the little things, their small impact builds up to have aconsiderably larger impact.

Make sense?

So guys… to help you prevent an angry and regretful future you, I’ve outlined 7 of the biggest regrets he will have, plus included a powerful action step that you can take now to help you avoid them.

PS: they’re in no particular order, so take your time to read them all… your future self will be happy you did.

Regret #1: Not Taking Care Of Your Body’s Ultimate Protection (Your Skin)


You probably don’t think about it much… but your skin is the barrier between you and the world. It protects your fragile insides from temperature change, infection, and harmful debris. In many ways, it’s your best asset.

…So, since your skin is your greatest protector, why wouldn’t you take good care of it?

If you don’t, and your protective barrier becomes weak and thin (loose, drapey, with visible veins), you’ll bruise easily, and even be more prone to cuts and tears (which can lead to harmful infection inside your protective skin barrier).

…Or your skin can turn leathery and tough from over-exposure to the sun/sunburn. And not only does this look bad, but it can actually alter your DNA and cause skin cancer.


Now… since I know you want neither weak/thin skin, nor tough/severely damaged skin, take these three action steps to protect your skin now:

  1. Drink more water (hydrated skin stays moisturized and healthy, not weak or dry.)
  2. Use sunscreen when you go outside (tans look great, but do old men with skin like leather footballs? No, and you don’t want skin cancer. Protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.)
  3. Invest in a manly moisturizer like this one (helps skin trap water, and powerfully boosts the benefits of #1.)

Regret #2: Allowing Your Hair Loss To Wreck Your Confidence


This statistic blew my mind:

A third of men in the UK allow hair loss to wreck their confidence.


What surprised me wasn’t that so many men were losing their hair (over 50 million men in the US suffer from hair loss)… what surprised me was that so many guyswere letting something that they can do something about adversely affect their confidence.

And to me, it’s sad.

Confidence is so  important in our daily lives (it gives you courage to ask for a raise, the willpower to ask that beautiful girl on a date, the self-assurance to make big changes in your life, etc.)… and if something is hurting that, and you can do something about it, why wouldn’t you?

And here’s the scary thing about hair loss (and why future you will be mad if you don’t do something):

Hereditary hair loss is a progressive condition… so if you don’t do something about it, you’ll continue to lose more and more hair (and confidence) over time.

Here’s the bottom line: hereditary hair loss isn’t going to stop (and will affect 32% of all men by the time they turn 35)… which is why I’m suggesting (from experience… see below) that you do something about it now.


If you’re experiencing hereditary hair loss, you’ve probably heard aboutRogaine®. Apply it 2x a day (morning and night) and it treats hereditary hair loss (hair thinning at your crown), which is the cause of 95% of hair loss in men.

Easy, right?

What’s great too… it’s affordable (around $50 for a 3-month supply) and in most guys, is effective (90% of men who’ve tried it saw hair re-growth in around 12 weeks!) 


Regret #3: Failing To Save For Retirement Early


In a recent survey, 3 out of 4 older Americans claim that not saving for retirement is their biggest regret… and this makes sense:

Many now estimate that, to retire comfortably, you’ll need as much as $2 million (due to the estimated rate of inflation).

That amount of savings will cover the cost of housing, food, and living expenses, as well as the devaluing of the dollar over the next 10-50 years (or however many years until you want to retire).


Despite that $2 million mark being many experts’ common retirement estimate, 1/3 of working Americans have no money saved for retirement, and another 23% have less than $10,000.

…So it makes complete sense that 75% of retired (or even near-retired) Americans sincerely regret failing to save sooner. They’re now realizing that waiting to save could mean significantly less comfortable, or even delayed, retirement lifestyle for themselves.


Look… $2 million isn’t an impossible goal, if you plan to start saving early.

So speak to a financial adviser (there are big ones like Merrill Lynch, Schwab, and Ameritrade, or there are local financial advisors in your area) to map outhow much and what type of savings you should start today, to have the retirement you hope for.

That way, you won’t have to regret a non-existent or too-small savings account when you’re ready to retire and relax.

Regret #4: Gaining An Unhealthy Amount Of Weight (And Not Doing Anything About It)


As guys, it’s completely normal to want to look like Brad Pitt in Troy… but it’s also incredibly normal to go for that third (or fourth, of fifth) round of tacos and beer(most guys I know go for the tacos-and-beer plan…)

But if that sounds like you, you might have already noticed some extra weight on your body (and now look even less like Brad Pitt).

…And rather than talk about how extra weight adversely affects your looks and your attractiveness to the opposite sex, I want to focus on the huge negative effect that extra weight can have on your health. You probably already know the risks that come with weight gain:

  • Greater risk of heart disease
  • Weaker joints
  • Sleep apnea
  • Even some mental illnesses


Is that the kind of stuff you want to deal with when you’re 50-60? I doubt it… you want to be a powerful, strong, capable man for years. Right?

Well… when you’re young, your metabolism is higher, and your bones and joints haven’t naturally weakened with age. Because of this, taking care/getting in control of a weight problem is dramatically easier when your body is younger.

Here’s the bottom line, guys:

Don’t focus on weight loss to look like Brad Pitt… do it for your long-term health(and to avoid that serious regret of it being hugely more difficult to lose it in your 50’s).

And PS: if you don’t have a weight problem now, use the action steps below to continue your good health all the way through your life!


Look… developing a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, or depressing (you don’t have to go without tacos and beer forever to avoid the bad effects of weight gain). Start by eating 3-4 whole vegetables a day (a whole head of broccoli, a whole bell pepper, a whole zucchini, etc.), and cut down on white flour and processed foods as much as possible.

…And you’ll need to exercise, (at least) a few times a week. A strong muscle mass will actually boost your metabolism, so if you build up your muscles now, you’ll have less to worry about in the future. Pretty great, right?


My personal favorite meal plan is to eat only meat, fruit, nuts, and a ton of vegetables during the week (and drink only water and black coffee), and eat how I like on weekends. And my personal form of exercise is martial arts (Brazilian jiu-jitsu), which stimulates my mind as well as exercises my body.

Regret #5: Letting Your Poor Dental Hygiene Overrun Your Health


You already know that poor oral health (not brushing, flossing, and getting professional cleanings) can lead to tooth yellowing, tooth loss, cavities, bad breath, and horrible mouth pain.

…And all of those things are reason enough to care about your dental health(especially if you want women to like you… because if you have yellow, missing teeth and bad breath you’re going to be way less attractive to them)… but poor dental hygiene goes deeper than just your appearance. It can actually adversely impact your health.

Check it out:

Not taking care of your mouth (with brushing, flossing, etc.) can cause too much bacteria in your mouth and even gum disease… and those awful things can lead to:

  • Diabetes. Inflammation from gum disease can affect your body’s insulin production (and faulty insulin production is the #1 cause of diabetes).
  • Pneumonia. Pathogens in your mouth (tiny bacteria that grow if you don’t clean them out) can get inhaled into your lungs, causing lung sicknesses like pneumonia.
  • Brain abscess. There are strong links between poor dental hygiene and life-threatening abscess (a collection of pus in the brain that can be fatal).
  • Cancer. Those pathogens, and inflammation from gum disease, can actually encourage cancer cells to grow.

In other words: the health of your mouth and your body are closely connected, and allowing the gateway to your body to become a bed of bacteria can severelydamage the rest of your body.


The solution to oral illness is simple, and you’ve known it for most your life:

  1. Brush your teeth twice daily.
  2. Floss once daily.
  3. Visit the dentist every six months for a cleaning.

…And those incredibly simple actions flush out the bacteria, and greatly reduce your chance of gum disease (and, as a result, they lower your risk of the other conditions as well). Pretty cool… and easy, right?

Regret #6: Working Too Much, Or Staying At A Job You Hate


Check this out:

70% of Americans are actively disengaged from their jobs… or in other words, theyhate what they do, and would leave their job if they could.

But unfortunately, a lot of those people feel they can’t leave… so they just stay unhappy. Many feel that changing jobs is too hard/stressful, and a steady paycheck(even doing something they hate) is insanely difficult to walk away from.

But those feelings of anger, boredom, and misery at work now can turn into feelings of deep regret when those people get older.

So… if that sounds like you (angry, bored, or miserable at work), you need to understand this:

At the end of your life, the time you spent at work will amount to a quarter of your life. Do you want to look back on your life and remember that 25% of it was miserable?


If you hate your job, your action step is to remember that your paycheck isn’t worth missed happiness and memories. You’ll look back on this part of your life and regret not quitting this job sooner (although it’s a good idea to have money saved or a new source of income before you quit).

…And if you like your job, but work all the time, remember that while your paycheck, your sense of fulfillment, and chasing your passion are wonderful things, you shouldn’t plan your whole life around work. When you can no longer do your job, will you have anything left?

Here’s the bottom line:

Think about your happiness with your work. Will your current job/work schedule make you happy when you retire, or will you regret the happiness/other activities you missed?

Regret #7: Not Realizing The HugeImportance Of Sleep

Regret #7 Not Realizing the Huge Importance of Sleep

Most Americans (3 out of 4) don’t sleep enough.

…And you know the common, detrimental side effects of not enough sleep, or low-quality sleep (frequently waking up… which could be due to stress, too much caffeine, or noises/lights):

  • Irritation/quick to anger
  • Grogginess/slow reactions
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Increased hunger/cravings

In short: your performance, athleticism, and relationships can all be damaged by poor sleep.

…But guys, those aren’t the only (or the worst) reasons you need better/more sleep. Here are the bigger problems with consistently bad sleep:

  • Low sleep, or denying your body the complete rest it needs, can lead to higher risk of heart attack and stroke 
  • Not enough sleep on a consistent basis can slow down memory processing, since one of the main purposes of sleep
  • Bad sleep can lead to increased risk of mental instability (even serious problems like depression and schizophrenia)

See how not getting enough sleep could turn into a huge regret down the road?


Luckily, you can avoid both those short-term problems you experience now, and those long-term problems that result from consistently bad sleep, if you simply get enough sleep (7-9 hours a night).

In Conclusion

We both know you don’t want to have regrets when you’re older. You want to look back on your life and feel pride, instead of regret, at the good choices you made to take care of your mind and body.

…So use this guide to look out for potential regrets to avoid, and to live your life the best way you can: regret-free.

Source: www.mantelligence.com


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