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5 Suprisingly Easy Habits To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

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To lose WEIGHT is not an easy task and everybody knows it’s too easier to gain it all back than to lose it. Luckily there are simple habits you can form that will help you keep weight off and live much healthier life.

1. Drink water

More than half of human body is made of water and it is important for overall health to have regular water intake.

Too many people are on a border of dehydration most of the time, not remotely aware of their state. If you are one of them please know that many health problems you may have could be solved just by proper hydration. Make a reminder on your phone for every two hours to drink glass of water.

Very healthy and tasty way of hydrating yourself is making flavoured water. It is very simple to make (just add fruits and herbs of choice to the water, let it rest few hours and enjoy) and it can help if you are not used to drinking water.

Water has an important role in WEIGHT loss. It can boost metabolism, improve digestion and suppress appetite and if you drink water before meal you’ll eat less.

2. Eat breakfast

It is not for nothing breakfast is called most important meal of the day. It gives you energy for the day and it is proven that if you eat healthy breakfast you will be making healthier food choices rest of the day.

Make sure your breakfast covers all three categories: protein, carbohydrates and fat. Proteins are bodys building blocks, carbs are food for brain and fat energy source. Unless you have allergies, or for medical reasons have to follow specific diet, you need all of these three substances in your diet.

If you never ate breakfast it can be hard to make yourself eat first few mornings but soon you will get used to it. Start with fruit or oat cookies and gradually advance to more wholesome breakfast.

3. Eat slower

Slowing down your eating will have big impact on your WEIGHT lose. Did you know that it takes 20 minutes for your stomach and brain to register feeling of fullness. That means if you stop eating when you feel full you’ve been eating too much for 20 minutes. Eat slower, take smaller bites and chew thoroughly. Food digestion starts in mouth, don’t forget that. Saliva starts to process and breakdown food into form your body can  use to absorb all important nutrients.

This was one of my big problems. I was eating so fast like somebody will steal my food if I don’t eat it in 5 minutes, then I started to think while eating and make a 3 second pause between bites. And immediately my portion size was cut in half. I was shocked to find out that all the time I was eating double of what I actually needed.

Slowing down your eating will have big impact on your weight lose.

4. Have smaller meals

In most cases excess weight is due to eating more than you need. If you have been eating big portions for a long time it means your stomach has stretched. As a result you feel you need to eat more than you actually need. Eat smaller meals to allow your stomach to go back to its original size. Sometimes can be hard to stop eating while you still feel hungry, just follow tip number 3 and hold through. In few days it will get easier. In a week you will not understand how on earth were you able to manage to put so much food in yourself.

5. Be prepared

Prepare snacks in advance like nuts, fruits, salads or smoothies and have them on hand. You are less likely to eat unhealthy if you have healthy snack with you. Prepare yourself and you will not have to fall in hands of processed store food. I was a big munches addict, all day snacking on sweets and chips. To fight it, I always have mixed nuts (and some dried fruits but not too much because they are full of sugar) and some fruit like banana, apple or cup of mixer berries always with me in case I get hungry. Make eating plan the day before and make sure you have all ingredients on hand and you will have good defense from reaching for unhealthy food.

You can do whatever you set your mind to. Just make a decision, prepare yourself and go for it. It is easier than you might think. These are habits that I started to keep my weight
in control and they work wonders for me. Hope you will try them and have as much success as I did.

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Source: http://cheatsheetlife.com


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