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Q&A Session with “Himanshu Malhotra” – Commit To be Fit


1.Does meditation help achieve mental stability?

Ans: Yes of course, Meditation is very powerful because it centers your mind and your soul. Especially in the morning, the time 3.30am to 4.30am the vibrations are extremely high it’s called brahma Murat and that’s when you meditate you somewhere down the lane absorbs stillness and silence from the universe around and it’s extremely powerful you are able to reach the higher vibrations of universe. So meditation in the morning is very useful. Apart from that meditation done at any point of day is always beneficial because tones up your energy, calms your nerves and gives you stability and balance.

2.How to stay fit during covid – period? 

Ans: Gyms, fitness parks, yoga, online classes and other possibilities to remain fit. I do yoga every day I would suggest if you can’t go to the gym, Health Park due to covid. You can definitely do online classes apart from that if you can’t afford online classes u can also go to YouTube and learn how to do surya namaskar. It will tone up your breath and will give rise to respiration power. It will also help to release toxins from your body and will give agility, flexibility, mental strength and mindset to become centered. 

3.How to balance fitness and diet?

Ans: It is a fact and it is also proven by nutritionists and scientists that 80% of your body shape is determined by the food you eat. I have determined my doshas according to Ayurveda. Either you have kaph, vata or pitta dosha. We are ancient human beings but modernized these days but DNA is ancient because it is coming from ancestors. So very simple if you can figure out your doshas from any Ayurvedic doctor. You can understand and work on it.  Fitness and exercise contribute 1 or 2 hours a day but we need 4to 5 meals a day. Food is extremely important to the proportion to the diet and exercise

4.How meditation empowers mental stability?

Ans: This is similar to the answer of the first one that meditation always empowers mental stability because it controls thought process. We live in a world of distractions that’s why we are not able to focus. So, this focus and concentration comes completely through meditation. U can light a candle in evening and look at the flame for a few minutes is called tratak. It helps to bring mental stability. Meditation is a cleansing process, to move forward in life through body and soul.

 5.What are the common health issues?

Ans: health problems which are observed in most people are chronic inflammation flux, migraine, acidity. Major diseases caused through chronic inflammation are cancer , Alzheimer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Be careful in the food you eat, and of course you should exercise. 

6.What are your thoughts to overcome from mental stress? 

Ans: In order to overcome mental stress few things can be done, waking up in the morning at 4.30 and start your first activity of the day like reading, writing, jogging, say thank you to the universe because it is the best time to concentrate connecting to higher vibration and slowly your mental stress will drop down. It is written in Vedas that you should wake up early in the morning to absorb silence and stillness. Doing exercise releases toxins from the body and grows happy hormones. Writing reduces mental stress. U can maintain a daily diary where you can pour out your heart.


7.What kind of advice do you want to give our digitized children?

Ans: The only thing that I would request to all the kids who are into technology, technology is extremely important because it is a way of connecting. But the only point is everything that nature helps us like creating technology is important but we have lost the balance. So for children who use technology don’t forget to value your existence, treat it like a platform to portray your talent

8.How do you balance your work and fitness?

Ans: for me practically easy I wake up at 4am daily. I have ample time to read, write, jog, or do yoga. It is called me time. It helps me to give ample amounts of energy throughout the day. So waking up in the morning helps to balance your work and fitness. Rise with the sun and sleep with the sun.

9. What’s your fitness mantra?

 Ans: My fitness mantra is waking up early in the morning, training, exercise and what type of food to keep on the plate and eat. This will help in your fitness.

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By Deepika Mer


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