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Wedding Attire

The wedding attires are most majestic dresses of Indian culture. All our lives brides and grooms wait for this day to dress like kings and queens and be a part of their auspicious ceremony. The wedding dresses are so gracefully decorated by the Indian handloom that people can become spellbound by a single glance at them.

These wedding garments are different in different reigns of India the source of our rich cultural heritage is reflected in the handicraft done by the several artists and designers. The rich source of distinguished culture is imprinted in the attires. The main dresses mainly include saree, ghagra-choli, and lehenga for brides and traditional Punjabi and dhoti for the groom.

The bride’s dresses are bought mostly designer gowns and sarees which are made from beads and different accessories. The work of wedding dress can be made of sometimes gold or diamonds. Sometimes because the dresses can be so alluring that the whole wedding comes to a standstill when bride walk into the ceremonial platform. The wedding dress is accompanied by different pieces of jewelry of gold and diamonds; sometimes platinum jewelry is also there.

The saree is one of the main apparel for the brides in India. Sarees can be worn in the different pattern and it is thus accepted as the wedding dress for the ceremonial night.

Ghagra choli and lehenga are also the dresses which have elaborated accepted and worn by the brides in the northern states of India. These attires which are worn are illustratively decorated by different handloom materials.

The grooms have their garments sorted as Panjabi and dhoti which is widely accepted in all the parts of India. But few southern and eastern states prefer the groom to be the bare body with white dhoti during the ceremonial night. After the ceremony is done the grooms wear the Punjabi that is well decorated and designed by the different designers of India.

The bride and groom of Indian tradition are most beautifully decorated for this auspicious occasion of their lifetime. Indeed traditional designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee had done wonders in his work of bridal attires; he made brides look so majestic and heavenly that the queens of the old times can be compared with them.

Within the handful variation of dresses, he with his pure work of art had grooms of India look more desirable and eminent and royal. The elegant look made by this work creates wonders.

Not only him many eminent designers are making wonders and making both the bride and groom a day that would they remember a lifetime.


– Saptarshi Mondal


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