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Top Watch Movies in Lockdown


There is not much need to know what to look for in the comfort of your own home. This helps to overcome challenging times. I’m keeping an eye on what’s new in streaming services, which will show you a list of current movies. Then just sit back and enjoy.


The Bourne Trilogy

Not technically a trilogy, but the first three chapters. Titular C/A killer with amnesia. The top chapters starring Matt Damon at the top, were much better. They changed the longest-running spy franchise of all time.


Mad Max: Fury Road

In the film, a woman (Theron) rebels against an oppressive ruler in the post-apocalyptic desert. Here are some of the best sequences.


Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation

The scrims in this chapter prove the existence of schemers. That organization worked to break up and then for his country. Fight over time. Rebecca Ferguson was introduced to the franchise.


Describe Me

Probably the most memorable for tiny yellow henchmen. Those who have been immersed in internet culture. The first chapter of this animated franchise was from beginning to end because a supervillain (Steve Carell) adopts three orphans as a cover for his life hair.


The Lego Movie

A simple, rule-following lego Minifigure (Chris Pratt) is incorrectly identified as the most extraordinary person. The key to saving them from an evil tyrant, for which he is ridiculously ignored. It made the hit single. Everything is great.