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The most attractive tourist attraction: Majuli

The most attractive tourist attraction: Majuli

What’s a better way to unwind than bird-watching on the world’s largest river island? What if I tell you
that this island is located here in India only? Majuli, the cultural capital of Assam, offers its visitors a
peek into the astonishing Assamese neo-Vaishnavite culture along with its dynamic natural beauty.

The island has very few hotels but more guestrooms or Satras, institutional centers associated with the
tradition of Vaishnavism. Thus, this offbeat destination provides you with a thrilling experience
authentic to its core. Boating in the Brahmaputra during the rainy season is a something that you won’t
forget in this lifetime.

Majuli is also quite famous for its festivals and you wouldn’t want to miss ‘Raas
Purnima’ if you’re planning to visit Majuli. The festival is celebrated in the Hindu month Kartik and
involves activities like plays and dances over the course of three days. Another major festival of Majuli is
The Ali-ai- ligang festival which takes place in February and March. The natives are quite friendly and the
scenic beauty is breathtaking. It’s quite obvious as the island is located in the midst of Asia’s widest
river, namely ‘Brahmputra’.

The southern part of the island offers a variety of wildlife, especially birds; thus, making it an ideal spot for bird-watching. Another thing which attracts tourists here is the craft of the natives. You’ll end up buying handmade exotic pieces of art and craft which aren’t available anywhere else in India. The city isn’t connected by airways, rails or roads. You can only travel by boat.

It’s also not technologically advanced and relies on natural elements. This makes the city even more attractive to people who seek adventure and want to take a break from technology. Your tummy will thank you for visiting there when it is treated to simple yet delicious dishes like Khar, Tenga and Laksa.

The temperature is mostly ideal here, ranging from ten-degree Celsius in winter to thirty-degree Celsius in summers. Considering that the temperature goes to the extremes in other parts of India, this place is just the break you need. Majuli is a place where you can have a week-long adventurous stay without emptying your wallet. Culturally richer than most foreign tourist destinations, this island can make you want to never leave.



By: Dron Sharma

Picture Courtesy: Google


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