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Mother Nature Absolute Beauty


Inner and outer harmony and peace of mind comes from nature. It is natural to desire to be beautiful and it’s normal to feel beautiful when you tell to yourself “I am happy and nurtured.”

Our focus on feeling good directly translates into our emotions. Reminding ourselves to be happy and nurtured, drives us to live life to the fullest with joyful experiences. Our environment is especially blessed with natural beauty. My painting is the abstraction of nourishment which comes from Mother Nature. 

As an artist, our work expresses what we feel about our current society. I was born and brought up in Mumbai and now I am based in Dubai, so I added flavors from both of cosmopolitan cities. Both cities have immensely impacted my thought process. My expression of art while creating an art piece comes by thinking imaginatively, looking to bring joy and happiness to the communities.

Mother Nature                        

My theme is abstraction in nature. The painting is inspires by the word “Ma” which means “mother” in Hindi. It resonates how a mother’s role is same as Mother Nature. And here many women will relate to it. It has its own dance of nurturing. A soul who keeps on giving to their child without asking anything in return. In giving she feels satisfied and she asks nothing in return.  



Memories could be about a relationship with your mother or your relationship with your children. I use colors which translate into painting. For many years my paintings have varied from figurative art to modern art, but painting trees was intuitive. Here a mother and child are building their roots together and the mother is using herself as a source of nourishment of her and her child. It shows, strength, love, compassion and health.

My karmic learning I share it in the forms of trees. I feel uplifted subconsciously. Just like a breath is free and necessary so as the peace of mind is equally important to create and to be nurtured.  Nature’s life grows in bliss, silence, happiness, making us true and real. Accepting ones nature is equally important to live in harmony. If you accept yourself, you can accept others with peace, joy, and grace to nourish and nurture.


I think people in the forms of trees and nowadays just like trees connected through roots we are as well so interconnected in virtual world through social media. Staying updated all the time through stories and happenings. It’s all about connecting us with each other that makes us society. Bringing thoughtful visions and wanting to bring a difference. This is the nature of people in social of virtual world.            

My passion of painting trees has been my own discovery process; which taught me values of life to be happy, whole, accepting and embracing true self without getting into other people’s drama. I hope people will connect themselves to my art the way I do.


– Pari Sagar



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