Home Business The core idea behind ‘How to be a Productivity Champion’

The core idea behind ‘How to be a Productivity Champion’

The core idea behind ‘How to be a Productivity Champion'

Before I begin, I wish to warn you. The information below is only meant for crazed productivity addicts who believe in getting beyond human limitations to achieve Godhood but are also okay with turning to freaks of nature with an attitude limited only to selves as its unnoticeable to others.

There are lots of ways people become 200% productive, or more. Apps are a powerful way to keep up at your toes with relevant information provided at the right time. The world we live in now is fast paced and has people who expect to know information before its even conceived. So, here is a list of things or ways that can (or may) help you out. This article is just to present you with ‘ways and ideas’ to approach and make a decision about it and not arrive at ready-made suggestions that can be used like a recipe.

  1. Note it down:

If you tend to arrive at thoughts, information, facts, amusing conversations or even general wondering that you wish to ruminate on later (or which you think are important for you), you need a notebook. Now there are three common ways people do that:

  • Apps: Microsoft’s Onenote and Evernote are two popular options. Former one is free while latter one is more beneficial as a paid option. Onenote’s advantage is that it’s a near exact replica of real notebook or journal. It has options for video and audio recording too. Evernote lovers fight on internet blogs and often mention about its heroic abilities to encrypt, be fast and simplistic.
  • Simple Notebook: This one is simple and preferred by most. For ones who wish to use it but are bothered about it getting spoiled, try getting a small sized one and with hardcover.
  • Stylus: Noting down is of course possible on the phone or tablet with a stylus. Stylus based devices are good options but they tend to get costly. So there are other options like Adonit stylus or others.

Preferring a certain brand or source is a matter of personal choice and moreover personal research. Why so?

Two answers:

1} People are unique and this being a decision based on personal abilities and personality makes it a unique quest.

2} Lifestyles we live are complex and they differ too form person to person.

  1. Prioritizing and Remembering:

Personal decisions and day to day tasks have been important since ages. Even at times of Maharajas and Kings, people were loaded with daily responsibilities. To arrive at which one to do when; people used simple things – To do list and Time tables.

Now there are varieties of apps on phones that you can use. Wunderlist, Any.do, Asana, To-do-list etc are quite popular ones that have been perfected since some time. Some are simplistic while some are loaded with features.

  1. Project Management & Complex Activities:

If you being productive calls for managing much complex tasks and assigning people and resources with allocations or if you want to simply intimidate poor souls with complicated show of your indispensable tech loftiness, try learning the two major software:

Microsoft Project: Simple look, comprehensively featured, familiar look.

Primavera: Loaded with lots of cool features, popular choice and marketed well.

Please know that people take professional courses and certifications for these two and that’s why its better you don’t underestimate their power to help you in your business. Give them some serious consideration.

  1. Books & Videos for Technique:

There are a plethora of books on management skills of time and methods and self help ones. All these strive to explain is their approaches and tact to make decisions and present their ways of looking at maximizing personal efficiencies. But those are their ways. So, go through them and impress people with your coverage on reading by showing off. But get this first – This road ain’t easy. Why? Two reasons (again):

  • Its addicting
  • It takes time and effort (long and heavy) and lots of patience.

So, just remember to first know what you really desire out of your mind and lifestyle. Then arrive at a choice and maybe then go through options via Google and Youtube to know your approach and options. Then you can just try out and find suitable one for yourself.


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