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The Best Photo-Editing Apps You Should Have on Your Phone

The Best Photo-Editing Apps You Should Have on Your Phone

We like to pretend every photo we take is 100-percent social-media worthy, but then again, we also love to pretend Chrissy Teigen is our BFF. (Dreams.) For those pics that just need a little tweaking, look no further: Here are seven phone apps for all your editing needs.

1. Best for Finding New Filters: Litely
Calling all Hudson and Rise lovers: This app was created by the guy behind many of Instagram’s preset filters. His app has a whopping 75 to choose from, so don’t worry: We’re sure your besties can find a filter for your group pic that you all agree on. Download the app.

2. Best for Color Correcting: A Color Story
From the lifestyle gurus behind A Beautiful Mess comes this delightfully fun app. With super-bright and color-enhancing filters and tools, any of your low-light shots can breathe new life with one tap of your finger. Download the app.

3. Best for Easy Sprucing: Afterlight
Most times, all you really need is a quick crop and maybe a little contrast. This easy-to-use editing app comes with 15 tools and the ability to effortlessly adjust intensity via sliding your finger across the phone screen. (Oh, and its preset filters are pretty great, too.) Download the app.

4. Best for Expert Editing: Snapseed
Google’s very own photo editor is not for the faint of heart. With 26 different editing tools and filters (from things like Healing and Glamour Glow to HDR and Pose), there’s no shortage of what you can accomplish once you set your need-a-new-profile-picture mind to it. Download the app.

5. Best for Removing Unwanted Objects: TouchRetouch
Your scenic beach snap would be absolutely perfect…except for the telephone pole that’s really cramping your style. Not to worry: This app makes it easy to remove, blur and erase picture mishaps. Problem solved. Download the app.

6. Best for Social Sharing: Instagram
You already know the ‘gram is best for liking and commenting on friends’ pics. But you can take it a step further and also shoot Boomerangs (those fun, short looping videos) and post fleeting, 24-hour stories. Download the app.

7. Best for Digitizing: PhotoScan
Google’s scanner app lets you snap or upload a pic of your prom portrait circa 1989 and edit out any old-photo-related side effects. The best part? It’s great at removing glare and enhancing the scan for the perfectly ruffled and teased #TBT. Download the app.

8. Best for Snapping Selfies: Microsoft Selfie
Reason #107 why the front-facing camera is the worst: Fewer megapixels equals lower quality shots. This super-smart app takes into account your age, gender, skin tone, lighting and other factors to enhance your #selfiegame. Bless you, Microsoft. Download the app.


Source: http://www.purewow.com


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