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Best Honeymoon destinations in North India

A honeymoon is always special and magical trip and the best way to start your beautiful journey of togetherness. Those few days spent with...

5 reasons why oatmeal is a breakfast super-food

You were a lucky kid if your parents made you eat porridge for breakfast. No matter how vile those steaming bowls of bland mush...

Amazing Five-Minute Exercises for a Healthy Spine

Long working hours, tiring days, less sleep, and there is so much more that makes us unhealthy on the inside and outside too. Back...

How to know what food is healthy & what’s not?

At least since a decade now, there has been a visible surge in the number of people wanting to be fit, be more active,...

This World Health Day beat the diabetes!

April 7 is observed as World Health Day across the globe in order to spread knowledge and create awareness about the various aspects of...
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