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Is Diet Really All About Weight Loss?

Is Diet Really All About Weight Loss?

“I want to lose weight?”

“I am overweight by 20kgs”

“My weighing scale scares me”

These are all the common things we hear all around us. And the solution is invariably “DIETING” (We are too lazy and busy to exercise). But is DIETING really all about weight loss?

I am going to say NO.

Weight loss should never be your prime focus. Obesity or excess weight is always due to some underlying condition. Something in your body is not functioning to its full capacity due to various reasons . Excess weight is interlinked to various disorders like a dysfunctional thyroid gland, diabetes or hypertension. Obesity and these disorders complement each other. But a healthy management of these disorders definitely leads to a healthier you. Hence you must always try to reach that CAUSE rather than focus on the EFFECT.

Most of the time people are scared of dieting because they feel that they will have to starve themselves and hence they keep procrastinating it. But a good diet plan will never starve you. It will never ask you to go on the entire day barely eating anything because it will leave you hungry and angry. A good diet plan will always aim at providing you with all the micro and macro nutrients. It will help your body restore its nutritional balance so that the body starts functioning normally. When this happens the body automatically sheds extra fat. So fat loss should be a SIDE EFFECT of a healthy diet plan.

The other thing is that you need to lose fat and not weight. Confused? Let me explain.

Have you ever experienced that you start having a healthy diet and  still the weighing scale doesn’t budge. But the clothes start fitting better. You have, right? It is because the weighing scale is not the correct indicator of our health status. Many a times a person may be on his ideal weight but his fat to muscle ratio may be bad (more fat than required). Fat takes up more space and muscle has more weight. When you eat healthy you build muscle. This is the reason why the scale doesn’t budge. Should you worry? NO. This is what you must aim at. A healthy and balanced diet helps you to build muscle and shed excess fat. This gives your body a toned look as INCH LOSS is visible. And this is the only way to go.

As a diet consultant, I shall always ask you to focus on losing fat and gaining health. Stop chasing that figure on the weighing scale. This is what will make you SLIM and HAPPY 🙂


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