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Dessert hacks – the best of all times


Its fine if you experiment with your meals, creating fun recipes which are good to taste, failures are welcomed and experimentation will be accepted but when it comes to desserts, we mean pure hearty business. We won’t settle for less than the best and the most decent one as well. How good would it be to find tempting, delicious, easy to make recipes. So here I bring to you a list of dessert hacks for people with a sweet tooth that would simply enthrall your heart to the fullest.

  1. Easy to make chocolate bowls

This one’s a little tricky. You have to blow up quite a few balloons (more than you think you need because quite a few will pop), dip them one by one in melted tempered chocolate, set them aside to harden, twiddle your thumbs as you wait, and then finally pop the balloons very carefully so as not to shatter the hardened chocolate. If you can do all of that with some patience and skill, then dessert glory will be all yours.

  1. Turn ice cream into bread

Yes, you read that right. Softened ice cream, self-rising flour, and a little sugar is all you need to work this magic trick and make some melt-in-your-mouth bread.

  1. Make frozen whipped cream puffs for your hot chocolate


Homemade whipped cream trumps Readied whip or any other store-bought whipped cream any day. But it’s not terribly convenient to whip up a batch every time you want to top off a mug of hot cocoa. That’s where the freezer comes handy. Just make whipped cream as you would (remember to add sugar), and then spoon individual servings onto a parchment-lined baking sheet, freeze for 2-3 hours, transfer to a freezer bag, and store in the freezer until the next time you’re hankering for whipped cream-topped hot chocolate.

  1. Make sugar cookie cups to serve ice-cream or fudge in

Turn out the back of a muffin tray is just as useful as the front. Thin round slices of store-bought sugar cookie dough, each placed on a raised cup on the back of a muffin tray, will melt in the oven and droop down the sides to form sugar-cookie cups. Once they’ve cooled down and you remove them, very carefully, from the upside-down muffin tray, just add a dollop of your favorite filling.

  1. Make brownies in a waffle iron

The waffle iron is the multi-tasking workhorse of the kitchen, good for making waffle-shaped omelettes, cinnammon rolls, potato hash, and of course, waffles. But it’s especially good for making brownies in a matter of minutes. Sadly, it’s not entirely foolproof—getting the freshly-cooked soft brownie out of the waffle iron takes some deft maneuvering. But the rewards are great, especially when topped with ice cream or salted caramel.

  1. Make ice-cream in your food processor

You read that right—it’s possible to make ice cream (the creamy type, not the crystallized kind) at home even if you don’t have an ice-cream maker. Yes, the process is a little more involved than what the ice-cream machine demands, because the ice-cream mixture needs to be quick-frozen in ice cube trays, then blended with heavy cream and frozen again in a quart container for four more hours.


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