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India’s 1st frat party theme for new years eve

India's 1st frat party theme for new years eve


Delta House Frat is an initiative by Mr. Divesh Ramchandani, Mr. Ameya Kawathkar & Mr. Devansh Tiwari.

With the vision of creating Mumbai’s first fraternity and mission to deliver the best memories, Delta House began with its first edition on 31st December 2016 in Juhu, Mumbai, marking the history as Mumbai’s biggest New Years event in 2016.

Delta House is an Intellectual Property of Triose Entertainments based in Mumbai, India.
With being the only fraternity in Mumbai, Delta House delights the audiences with Frat theme and Frat Games like Beer Pong, Chugatthon, Shotathon, Flip a Cup etc.
Delta House 2.O is second edition of Delta House Frat happening on 31st December 2017 in Bandra, Mumbai to get the fraternity stand unite and take the order of the house.
The theme and the fraternity has been supported and liked by all. We pledge to serve all the Frat Members and everyone else with the best frat parties ever.
We stand one, we stand unite. The vision of eye, the answer of why – DELTA HOUSE FRAT.
One would think ,
how can a single night become the best journey of their life?
Let us again define ‘epic’ for you!
This New Years Eve DELTA HOUSE 2.0.
For More details or to buy the passes:
Call:  9769015210


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