Oh! the joy of breastfeeding your baby! Nothing can replace that feeling.

According to the latest report by UNICEF only 46% babies are exclusively breast fed for the first six months in our country. Even the global figures are quite dismal.

“If breastfeeding were promoted more effectively, we would see more children survive, with lower rates of disease and lower rates of malnutrition and stunting,” said UNICEF executive director Anthony Lake.

Why is breastfeeding so important? What makes breast milk an elixir for life?

Breast milk has all the nutrients that the baby needs for the first months for his life and is superior to commercial formulas available in the market.

Composition of breast milk:

  • It contains the most suitable proteins and fats for baby in the right quantities.
  • It contains more lactose than milk from any other source which is what a human baby needs.
  • It contains enough water for the baby, so that there is no need for any extra water even in hot climate.
  • It contains correct amounts of salt, calcium and phosphate.
  • It contains water soluble vitamin D, besides the fat soluble fraction with protects against rickets.
  • It contains more vitamins A, C and E than cow milk.
  • It contains iron in the form of lactoferrin at acidic pH which makes absorption easier as compared to iron in cow milk.
  • It is quickly digested because of a special enzyme called lipase which digests fat.
  • It contains immunoglobulins, lysosmes and “byfidus factor” which help fight infections.
  • Colostrum: It is the early milk which is thick, yellowish and viscous. It contains higher levels of antibodies, protein and minerals and is a concentrated source of preventive medicine. It is very important that the baby is fed this milk.

With such rich composition, breast milk is undoubtedly the best thing for your baby.

Let us lovingly feed our babies and give them the “protective cloak” of health.

Happy feeding 🙂


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