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Cities Around the World Are the Best for Party Animals!


Backpackers and solo or couples travelers aim to celebrate their stay. Hence, wherever they go, they ensure to party. Many travelers are forever on the lookout for the best destinations for a party.


Though most of the time, people might feel like staying in the hotel room, at other times, they may want to go out and mingle with the locals. Some spend daytime by poolside or playing a variety of blackjack games at Net Bet. At the same time, party lovers will not want to miss the local nightlife. If you are one of them and want to go around the cities famous for their vibrant nightlife, here’s a list for you.



The fashion capital has a fine mixture of some decadent fun time rising out from the darkest streets to the posh haute bars. Rex Club is right under the Grand Rex cinemas and so is hardly something to miss out on.


It hosts the who’s who in the music world there that can put forth some foot-stomping tracks. La Station – Gare des Mines has some of the most out-of-the-world locations with hard punk-styled music on loop. Don’t forget these if you are on the lookout for something cool.



Besides being a historically relevant city, Rome is also famous for its pubs. Post sunset, you will find the locals grooving to an all-nighter party in some bar. Abbey Theatre, with its unending flow of Guinness and whiskey, with open mic and other attractions, is a big draw.


Open Baladin is famous for its wide range of artsy styles of beers, and Baccano can promise something to drink your night away.



Europe is a heaven for party-goers for sure, and Amsterdam has to feature this list for sure. The Dutch are famous for their liquors, and this city is not shy of spoiling you.


Check out the Flying Dutchman Cocktails bar, along with Door 74. However, if you want to let your inhibitions loose, go for the Leap of Faith cocktail at the Vesper Bar.



The best reason for a person to visit Miami is for its beach and wonderful sunset. Add that to the limitless deluge of drinks at the Time Out Market Bar in South Beach, and you will fall in love with cocktails here. There is more music and dance round the clock here.


Enjoy a drink or share the Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company vibes for its beer and oysters.



How can we say party and nightlife and not include Bangkok? The party capital in the East, Bangkok, is a big attraction to tourists worldwide. The sandy beaches are inviting to be honest, but the unbridled fun on the bars is even bigger attractions.


The Khao San Road will surely spoil you and treat you to some of the trendiest hardcore party scenes. There are fanciest and classiest pubs and rooftop bars, along with the ones where the locals and tourists enjoy the night like never before. Be careful of the Ladyboy shows or the Go-Go bars on the same stretch as the other bars.


But all said let loose your inhibitions and go swigging a glass or two at the popular bars and pubs like The Iron Fairies, Brown Sugar, Tep Bar, and more.



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