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Best Mascara for luscious looking lashes



Don’t you love having those perfectly long and luscious looking lashes? Cause I surely do!  And I can’t explain how important mascara is to me. There are days when I just walk out of the door with a bare face but never without mascara. That’s a mandatory product for me.

So, these are some of my current favourite mascara’s.


(All of the products are waterproof.)

  • Maybelline’s Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara-The spoon brush of this product makes my lashes look so natural and also builds up volume. It fans out my lashes from corner to corner and builds up volume without clumping up my lashes.
  • Mistine’s Prolong 4D Dimension Mascara-This mascara is what I use almost everyday because it makes my lashes look longer and so natural. I love mascara’s that give a natural look to my lashes. It’s got a very nice pigment and it also curls my lashes up to a 90 degree angle in just one application. This saves so much time, literally!
  • Chanel’s Waterproof Wonderlift and Curl Mascara– With such a precise wand, coating my upper and lower lashes is less time consuming. It coats every lash evenly without making it look clumpy or getting smudged all over my eyelids or my under eyes.
  • Maybelline Volum’ Express  Rocket Mascara-This mascara has a patented supersonic brush with micro bristles that gives sleek volume, instantly. By adding a second coat, I can achieve the perfect voluminous look, very easily.
  • Maybelline’s Lash Sensation Mascara- This is literally my favourite mascara and I just cannot get over this. The bristles give my lashes a flourished and fuller look. Also, because of the amazing wand and the liquid ink formula, my lashes get a full fan effect and that’s something I love, plus it’s super pigmented, long lasting and waterproof!


These are some products that anybody would fall in love because of the final results! You can find all these products on Nykaa and also get a really good deal on them.

So, I hope you guys like it and if you do own any of these products or end up trying it out anytime soon, like, comment and let me know what you think about them.  I’m pretty sure you’re gonna fall in love with them just like me.



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