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8 Best Restaurants In Mumbai!

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BiblioPole (Andheri), a NightClub set in the Suburbs of Mumbai is the place destined for party maniacs. The satisfying vibe set with great music & an elaborate food & drinks menu sets this nightclub class apart from other cliché nightclubs.

TAP Resto Bar (Bandra & Andheri)

TAP is a premium Resto Bar. Eat, Drink, Sing, Dance, Watch Sports & Play Games! In short, simply let loose, set free, open the TAP & let it flow!

Bora Bora (Bandra, Andheri & Juhu)

Bora Bora

Bora Bora sets just the right mood to keep you entertained day and night, The mood is always upbeat at Bora Bora. By day its a cool place to hangout and by evening its a lounge to bring in the night. Feel like you have entered the bylanes of Ireland, enjoy at the Music Tavern.

Global Fusion (Bandra & Sakinaka)


Exuding the aura of an International fine-dining restaurant, Global Fusion leaves no stones unturned to offer a gastronomic extravaganza like no other. With cuisines from the east mainly China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and India with six different live kitchens that display the craftsmanship of our chefs who let you watch their deft cooking skills. Enjoy an elegant Asian extravaganza at Global Fusion.

Hometown Cafe (Bandra & Juhu)


An interesting fusion of a European ambiance and Malaysian flare, Hometown Cafe is a cozy restaurant that doubles up as a contemporary coffee shop. Whether its meeting friends, a special date, a private family time or just a gathering of corporate’s- Hometown Cafe’s atmosphere is suite to all moods, occasions and tastes.

Red Box Cafe (Andheri)

Red bix

Done up in bold Red White and Black resembles a deck of cards. It becomes what you want, a place for a lunch date or a place to hangout in the evening to a game night with your buddies you can bring it all to this uber cool hangout place. Whether its noon, afternoon or evening Red Box always promises a good time in its versatile confines.

Caravan Serai (Bandra & Andheri)


Exuding a gypsy like feel, Caravan Serai takes inspiration from the caravans of the east, the regions of the north-west frontier viz- Afghanistan, Peshawar, Kashmir and Iran creating an ambiance you cant forget easily. Caravan Serai has an inherent warmth and love for good food that will surely make a place in your heart.

China Gate (Bandra, Andher (E&W) and Juhu)


China Gate not only a neighborhood favorite but also being among the cities more refined places to dine. Indulge in authentic Chinese in a chic setting that will satiate your taste buds. Delight yourself with authentic Chinese and great hospitality at China Gate.


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