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Why are we all so obsessed about success?

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Is it really that important for us to be successful?Perhaps it is.

Many of us focus on success is because we want to improve. To get out of a rut. To change. To be more than we are. To go further than we’ve ever gone before. To feel accomplished. To be admired. To feel the addictive highs. To make a difference. To feel secure. To belong .To be perfect.

A writer’s definition of a successful morning routine may be:

  • To jump out of bed and be out for a run at 5am
  • To get out of the house without yelling at the kids
  • To sleep in until 10 and have a big breakfast
  • To meditate
  • To do what other ‘successful’ people do

    Success is subjective

    Like religion. Or politics.

    I just don’t think we need to get caught up with the word ‘success’. Because it’s too easy to deceive ourselves that we need to achieve someone else’s goal — than to figure out our own destinations, and why we want to get there.

    And then is it only about the goal?

    The danger in success is focusing solely on the outcome.

    Rather than appreciating the unexpected treasures on the journey — the precious learning behind every painful tumble, along with the sweetness of every win. A journey which may or may not even take you where you thought you’d end up.

    Basing our value on external factors rather than realizing we are enough. We don’t need anything to happen to validate who we are. We are worthy of love. Always.


    It is human nature to set goals, have big dreams we strive hard to achieve. By being more creative and flexible about our definition of success, we may cherish more than the outcome.

    So we realize no matter what, you and I are not defined by someone else’s vision of success.

    And most importantly, to know you are enough (and you always have been). You are worthy of love. No matter what.

    Have you ever thought you wanted to be successful at something, but realised you were working for someone else’s version of success, rather than your own?


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