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What Men Really Want in Modern Relationships


Women seem to be confused about what men are looking for in a modern relationship. According to out knowledge we have listed down some of the things that men really want in their relationships. This is from the point of view of the majority, we are not saying that all men want the same things as stated below.


  • The most important thing that men need and want is to find Miss Right. They might go flirting with other women but end of the day they want a woman who they truly love.
  • Men are interested in attractive women. Though we blame them for being too shallow and stating that looks does not matter, but men like women who takes a few efforts in being presentable.
  • A man needs a kind and feminine woman in his life; eventually who can prove to be a good daughter in law and a mother.



  • Men want trustworthy women in their life. Now a days women can also be unfaithful, hence finding a woman who they can trust and who are there for them all the time are the one’s men are more interested in.
  • New generation women are independent, live their life as they feel right and become successful in their careers. Though men appreciate an independent woman and who can support them financially; but always pointing out their success to their man or talking about office life all the time irritates men.
  • Men love challenging women. Someone whose love he has to earn and not someone who just throws herself on them.
  • Men don’t want to be alone. They want someone who are willing to listen and understand them.





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