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Twenty-One Days of Health Module


“Do not be wise in your own eyes;
Fear the lord and shun evil”.

As it has been seen that maximum of people sacrifices health to earn wealth and at the end of life instead of enjoying that wealth, people starts investing those wealth to regain their health. We should think about what we are doing and looking for in our life. Yes, it is absolutely true that in life essential things are important. But there should be limit, moderate and balance in every aspect. As a fitness trainer, I always believe that life grows great when there is disciplined. Man is mortal, but as long as one is alive what is the harm in living with a good health? I do not feel any comfortable life better than living without any human diseases. As many working people complains about their day’s rush schedule and don’t get that much time for workout and to maintain their healthy nutrition’s. You should better understand the first priority and the importance of better health. But as it not in your daily time table list and you are not habitual, it is found very difficult task to follow. So I am here to share twenty-one days of health module, I am sure this going to change your life in better way.
First of all it should be clear that going for better healthy life style is not only the programs of twenty one days, eight weeks, six months nor one year program. We need to continue till death as same as we brush our teeth daily. Until you make it as daily habit it never going that easy to follow healthy life style. And any new habits takes more than sixty days to become automatic, also to form a new habit its depend on the behavior, the person to person and his/her circumstances. But as scientifically it is also considered that alteast minimum of twenty-one days is needed to develop a habit, only if you do follow without any gaps in between. After twenty-one days it become much easier than before to continue. Let’s first understand in simple language so called memories that stores in brain, as brain stores all the moments of our life we have spent. Similarly since from birth our brain does store all the memory of digestive system, the foods our tongue has tasted, the way we moved all joints, muscles we trained to hold every parts of our body. In short repetition of all those activities form habits, and then when you try to do something opposite it knock to your brain and body leads to laziness. At the end the proper functions of all your organisms system depends on the way you treat your body and the foods you taste. So for better treatment you much change your bad habits and for good habits first of all we must train our brain followed by body with any kind of workout and healthy nutritions.
Biggest mistake of maximum people is sleeping in wrong time and not having enough sleep. It is always seen people living in urban areas use to sleep at and after twelve mid night. We must know our mind goes into deep sleep between 11pm to 4am, so our target to go on bed should be before 10PM. And our brain cells and body cells needs minimum of 6-8 hours of rest in continuous form. If you are not into sleep between those hours it increases your stress level, and your muscles, hair, skin doesn’t get enough time to recover, even if your nutritions is good. It also doesn’t matter that much if you are sleeping till late or extra in the day hours if you are not sleeping in the above given hours. Due to this bad sleeping habits people after the age of 40 or later starts facing many physical and mental health issues. You need to avoid doing some activities to get early sleeping habits like reading, watching TV, looking at mobile or any other electronic devices just fourty minutes before the sleep because after any kind of concentration activities you do, your subconscious mind keeps on thinking of it for next few period of time. Your any kind of important works like studies or official works you are doing late night you just need to avoid and sleep early, and the same works can be done very early morning after you wake up, as simple as that. Meditation is the best option before you sleep. You also need two hours of gap between after dinner and before going to sleep, and you also should avoid having beverage like tea and coffee after 4PM, its delay your sleep. Having milk just 15 minutes before of sleep improves your sleeping quality and milk will keep on supplying proteins as nutrition to your whole body throughout the sleeping hours which is much needed for muscles, hair and skin recoveries.
When it comes for nutrition it is always neglected by our Indian society. Otherwise when we see on Indian foods, is the best way to have proper nutritions which is much enough for our body. It is only messed up by over cooking of any foods and mixing with all unnecessary stuffs. And having your meals at perfect time matters a lot. Breakfast never should be skipped, maximum people skips their breakfast or they eat very little which is not good at all. Your whole day performance and concentration level of your body depends on the foods you had on breakfast whether you are thin for fitty. And follow by all your next meals for the day should have a fix time. Dinner should be very light but not less than enough. You should try to avoid having more saturated fats like coconut oil, ghee, butter, cheese, lard, margarine, palm oil etc. In limit unsaturated fats is good and needed like Olive oil, mustard, ground nut, canola, flax seeds, chia seeds, soybean, sunflower etc. We should be avoid deep fry foods as much you can, and also use of deep fry oil should not be repeated. Many will say you water intake of our body should be minimum of two, three or five litres a day but it depends on person to person body type. Drinking over or less water, both is not good. Whenever you feel yellow in your urine that means you are dehydrated and you need more water. This is how within two to three days you can have an idea of measurement of require water level in your body.
If you can follow the above two things proper rest and nutritions, then I am sure no matter how busy and hectic schedule you have at the end of the day you will be having enough energy to do any kind of workout like yoga, gym, zumba, dance, swimming, jogging and so on. No matter what ever workout you do, just need to take instructions from qualified fitness expert just to avoid injuries and over training, specially for special population like who have joints problems, diabetes, heart problems etc.

“This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones”.

Sanju Ray.
Personal fitness trainer.
Rubaru Mr. India 2016.
Mister Tourism World India 2016.


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