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You are What and How you eat….

   It is correctly stated that Health is the actual Wealth that a person can retain. Health and fitness are the important factors for...

Best Honeymoon destinations in North India

A honeymoon is always special and magical trip and the best way to start your beautiful journey of togetherness. Those few days spent with...

Five foods that fuel the brain

While researchers continue their efforts in finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease, scientists say that foods can play a role in brain health and...

15 Foods to Help You Sleep

If you rely on sleeping pills for a good night's sleep, take note: a recent study found that those who took sleeping aids like...

The 10 Best Vacations for Foodies

Some people travel to see the sites. Others, like us, go pretty much exclusively for the food. But while the list of culinary destinations...

Breakfast Hacks to avoid being late

Mornings are so hectic, especially when you keep pressing the snooze button and are always late. People always tend to skip morning breakfast if...

Calorie Measuring Apps(Pros and Cons)

Staying fit or maintaining your shape is very difficult, especially when you have so many delicious options now a days to choose from. But...

A healthy body and a healthy mind

A healthy outside starts from the inside. Our body is a reflection of not only what we look like or think but also of...

How to make Morning Workouts Interesting

Working out in the morning can be a struggle. We all know it’s good for us but waking up in this heat and leaving...

How to know what food is healthy & what’s not?

At least since a decade now, there has been a visible surge in the number of people wanting to be fit, be more active,...
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