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Breakfast Hacks to avoid being late


Mornings are so hectic, especially when you keep pressing the snooze button and are always late. People always tend to skip morning breakfast if they are running late and forget the importance of the first meal of the day. Therefore, to avoid the delay early morning and still have a proper healthy meal, here are some breakfast hacks.


  1. Freeze all the ingredients of the smoothie a night before. In the morning just blend the mixer and you are ready to go.


  1. Prepare your oatmeal overnight. Add bananas, nuts, raisin or syrup to your oats according to your taste. This helps save time and intensify the flavours in the morning.


  1. Make Coffee Ice Cubes. If you like your coffee icy cold, then make a fresh patch of coffee and pour into the moulds and refrigerate it. Use these coffee cubes in the morning instead of ice cubes in your coffee.

Source: tugboatbrews.co.uk


  1. Grate your butter. It is hard to spread the frozen butter, just removed from the fridge, on your bread. First world problem. Hence, grate that hard butter on the bread and save some time in the “already late” morning routines.


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