Maya Angelou said “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within”. The word ‘Beauty’ today has taken definitions that refers only to the outer self. To the world, a fair skin, a thin and tall figure is what beauty is. But what according to you is real beauty? Ask me and I’ll say I believe Beauty is something that comes from within. It’s the light from your soul, your love for others, your uninfluenced personality and your unadulterated thoughts that makes you beautiful. It’s not the make up on your face but the real person you are that matters. It’s not the clothes you wear or the heels you put on but the heart you have that matters. Beauty in all means is hence a part of your inner self.


Everyone in this world is beautiful in their own way but what people fail to do, is embrace their beauty. They forget that what you have to be is just your own kind of beautiful. The world judges you according to their perspective on beauty. Let them have it, do not think whether you are beautiful or not for the rest of the world, because as long as your heart keeps loving you for the beauty of thoughts that you have in your mind, their opinions on you are of least importance. Your complexion or your clothes doesn’t define your character, your deeds do. An act of humanity makes you much more beautiful than what you become after applying those millions of makeups. The simplicity of your thoughts, the purity of your heart and the confidence in your personality makes you attractive. These are the things that people who know you will celebrate even decades after you’ll be gone from this world. Being a humble human being is better than being a fake dressed up doll living a life with no pinch of empathy towards the rest of the world. Our beauty should reflect right from our heart. The goodness we possess is our accessory. It’s time we start owning our beauty because to be beautiful means to be oneself and to accept oneself.


By AnupamaAiswar.


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