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Proteins: A vital element of everyday life!



Protein is that one element which serves a multiple number of purposes – from losing out on some extra fat to enhancing muscle built, from adding fullness to achieving weight loss goals. A diet plan should be effectively followed with enough of protein and shall be treated as an important part of the entire process. It is with proteins that repairing of cells and their creation is aided.


Here are some of the richest source of proteins available that shall serve whatever purpose you wish to fulfill and help you maintain your diet.




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Cooked lentils have as much as 18 gms of protein per cup and at the same time they also provide you the needed fiber and iron intakes. You can cook lentils in water or broth and if you’d like to make this meal a little interesting you could as well try whipping up this protein-rich barley and lentil salad with goat cheese.



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Meats of any kind have sufficient amounts of protein. However it is advisable to go for the leaner ones such aa the likes of turkey and chicken to avoid the fat associated with other kind.



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Sea foods are yet another source of adequate amounts of protein. They are easy to cook and at the same time healthy. Fish counts low on calories and at the same time has high vitamin levels.

Shrimp, for example, has 12 grams of protein for every 3 ounces.



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Edamame has as much as 17 gms of protein per cup which contains as little as 100 calories per serving. The food has protein content and offers to you proteins which are plant based in the form of unsaturated fats. You can add flavor to edamame as well. You can have this anytime anywhere!

  1. EGGS

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At 78 calories a pop, eggs are yet another easy source of protein with low calorie content. They also have additional proteins as the same time. They make you fill full and you can as well toss them with some veggies and spices to add some flavor.



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Quinoa is a whole grain which provides to you fiber and B vitamins and therefore keeps you energized. They are ideal for replacing your breakfast and can as well be a part of your lunch or dinner dishes. For flavor, you can turn it into a salad or add some pepper and tomatoes into it.



Source: dailystar.com.au

So something that is yummy and at the same time has protein content. Every 6-ounce serving contains 15-20 grams of protein.

And that was about it! Major foods which pack abundance of protein content and are as good as healthy!


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