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Make up makes you look flawless and perfect. But if not applied in a proper way, it can make you look disastrous too.While applying makeup, we tend to make major make up goof ups. So, to avoid these blunders, you should be aware of the right make up tricks. Here are some of the make-up faux pas that we usually tend to make.

USING EXPIRED MAKE UP- The most important thing to be kept in mind while using make up is that you should use genuine and good quality make up products. Spurious and outdates products can take a toll on your skin. Like any product, makeup too has an expiration date so see to it that you do not use it beyond the expiration date.

SLEEPING IN YOUR MAKE UP- At times we are too lazy or tired to take off our makeup and tend to sleep with our make up on. But this will have repercussions on your skin as it can cause skin rashes and irritation.So, make it a point to take it off before you sleep with a makeup cleanser.

USING THE WRONG PRIMER FOR YOUR FOUNDATION- Primer is usually used to hold your make up for longer hours and to create a smooth surface for your foundation. But what kind you are using also makes a big difference. You should match your foundation with the primer.

NOT CLEANING YOUR BRUSHES- Sanitising your brushes is very essential. You should clean your brushes with a little bit of shampoo in lukewarm water. If not cleaned regularly, it can result in the formation of pores due to bacteria build up.


IMPROPER WAY OF APPLYING A LIPLINER-We apply a lip liner to get fuller lips but this can backfire if not applied properly as once your lipstick fades away, the line will be exposed. So, to get it right, fill in your lips with the liner and then add lipstick or gloss over that.

USING TOO MUCH FOUNDATION-We always have this notion that if we apply too much foundation our face will look flawless. But it’s a misconception. Infact, it makes your face cakey and can make you look horrible. You can use a concealer to hide those blemishes.


 INCORRECT WAY OF APPLYING BLUSH-We always make a mistake while applying blush. We just apply it on the apple of our cheeks. For correct application, smile and drag your brushlightly from the apples all the way till the cheekbone. Follow this method to avoid a doll or a clown look.

IMPROPER USE OF EYE LINER AND MASCARA-The common blunder made while applying eye liner isnot knowing how to apply the correct line width as per the shape for your eyes. As far as the mascara is concerned, we often keep pumping it in and out which can dry the mascara which can make our lashes look spidery.

Make up should enhance and beautify your look rather than making it look ugly. You must always keep it minimal and natural. Remember these make up blunders so that you apply it in a right way and get that perfect look!


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