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India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW) Redefines International Women’s Day with the Launch of Its Short Film ‘The First Lady’


Pune, March 7, 2020: India Intimate Fashion Week’s (IIFW) established in 2016, is a platform designed to showcase all facets of the Indian intimate apparel industry. This Women’s Day, IIFW has yet again launched a short film across all the social media channels.


Each year, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, IIFW brings forth not much talked about the topic via its short film. Having a deep understanding of the intimate apparel industry, the team believes in creating awareness about topics pertaining to women that needs attention, considering the urban lifestyle adopted worldwide


The First Lady: A Short Film by IIFW 

Video link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dDm8rldIuo&feature=youtu.be


The Story Plot:  

A daughter, who is an independent, working and modern girl from today’s times in a metro city, comes across a social media promo about the upcoming Women’s Day Special Sale at a well-known mall in the city. She plans to go to the mall and shop something new for her as she really wanted to upgrade her wardrobe collection. She does a good shopping and reaches home with loads of shopping bags in hand. 


After reaching home, while she goes to her rooms to get fresh n up & change. Mother leaves her daughter’s coffee on the centre table and browses through the shopping goods. She finds something really beautiful, very lacy and elegant product which looks like lingerie / bra. She asks her daughter about it….and she too says that yes it’s a bra. 


Mother with her extremely surprised face confesses that she had never seen such bra in her life and she would really like to have one. Daughter tells her rudely, bluntly that such products are meant for today’s independent women, who have social life and not for older women who stay at home. Mother then reacts to this treatment by the daughter in a very emotional way. 


Mr Niraj Jawanjal, Founder and Chief Ideator of India Intimate Fashion Week, who has conceptualized and also directed this film said, “Our short film ‘The First Lady’ Is in line with IIFW’s mission of “Boo The Taboo”. Through this film, we have made an attempt to highlight the growing needs of women lingerie not only amongst the young women but also amongst the elder ones. The other aspect on which the film touches upon is the physical & mental well-being. The film address the problems to which elder women are more prone to like – breast sagging, breast cancer, uterus cancer, and personal hygiene. Further, it also talks about the mental trauma the elder women go through when they are left abandoned by their kids and family”.


He further elaborates further that, via this short film the team has made an attempt to make the masses re-think how busy we are living in urban cities that we tend to ignore our parents and their needs. 


IIFW’s earlier short stories, The Right Cup Project & Do Not Look Here, were well accepted & appreciated amongst the masses. This year too, IIFW has thoughtfully created a masterpiece that would raise concerns about another Taboo in the society, again.


With 3 super powerful seasons, An Intimate Fashion Tour (IIFW NXT) and 2 – Global Editions of its Intimate Fashion Calendar (Black Magik), IIFW has successfully made a mark in the intimate apparel industry, in India as well as overseas. 


Not only in India, but IIFW is also equally well-known overseas, and many brands have been collaborating with IIFW to launch their premium brands in India. Recently IIFW organized spectacular, customized shows for international brands like Parfait Lingerie (USA), Aubade (France), TOTO (Japan), and much more interesting liaison are in pipeline.


About India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW):


India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW) is a platform designed to shed a powerful spotlight on all facets of the intimate apparel and personal care industry. This showcase exposes both emerging and established brands and designers, manufacturers and distributors from India and around the globe, spanning market categories of lingerie, beachwear, active war, swimwear, shape wear and more. India Intimate Fashion Week is also taking immense endeavour to let India speak its mind about this world largest industry and become shy-away so that we can involve and nurture the emerging talent in this massive industry to command a bold stand.


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