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Healthy food to eat in Monsoon


Monsoons are perfect for enjoying some warm, spicy snacks. But deep down, we all realize that these snacks are fried, oily and unhealthy. So what if we told you it’s very simple to live a healthy lifestyle if you make the right food choices?


It all comes down to having a healthy meal or two a day in proportion to how many other meals you have. You need to understand that junk food, fried food and desserts pay frequent visits, and it is okay to indulge every once in a while. Being disciplined in your daily meals can save you from the mess of a chaotic diet. A simple trick is to squeeze small amounts of fruit into your daily diet.


Oats and more

Among the favored breakfast recipes, oatmeal is an easy and quick dish. But, why eat plain oats when you can turn them into a nutritious fruit meal instead? When combined with fruit toppings of your choice, oats make a wonderful breakfast. Sliced bananas, blueberries, dates, cashews and almonds go well with oats and milk. These fruits not only add to the flavor but also make this meal a full-fledged healthy meal that will last you throughout the day.



Banana pancakes are a must-try, but did you know you can also add other fruits to the recipe? The overall ingredients remain the same, but you can add fresh blueberries directly into the batter or over the pan. Adding moistened blueberries to the mixture gives it a heavenly taste!


Apple and avocado smoothie

The soothing elements and nutritional benefits make it the perfect combination for a lazy monsoon afternoon. Ingredients – 1 avocado, 2 medium-sized apples, a banana (optional). Chop the fruits into small pieces before blending them with milk, soy milk or coconut water to create a smooth paste.


Cherry or raspberry smoothie

A smooth and creamy blend of cherries, raspberries, yogurt, milk and ice. Making this combination is quick and easy. Add a drop of honey to your taste. Ingredients – 300g of cherries or raspberries, 200g yogurt, 1 cup chilled milk and 1 spoon honey (optional). You can top them with arils or chia seeds!


Fruit chaat

Chop all of your favorite sweet fruits and sprinkle salt and pepper evenly over them. A fruit chat is a quick option to ease your hunger, but it’s best to consume fruits earlier in the evening rather than later.

Making great, healthy decisions can allow you to enjoy cheat days without feeling guilty. At least one meal should provide you with your daily value of essential nutrients. Maintaining a balanced diet can help you monitor your eating habits and spare you the guilt of overeating and making poor health choices. Living a healthy lifestyle can be as simple as this, it depends on how you decide to maintain the balance.



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