Funun Arts is a vibrant community of artists, visual arts, designers, photographers and creative brains. This is an essential platform for the emerging artists, cultural practitioners, creative entrepreneurs, and homegrown initiatives. Funun Arts marked its 8th Year with 8th Edition of the region’s biggest art fair World Art Dubai. It was held in World Trade Center, Dubai from 16th March to 19th March

Funun Art was one of the biggest galleries participating with 74 artists/15 nationalities. Few nationalities like Nigeria/ Canada/ Sweden / Bangladesh were showcasing their artwork for the first time on this platform

Two Art Galleries also joined Funun Arts in this WAD. First Wish Art Gallery LLC from Georgia came along with 17 Georgian artists and Phoenix Art Group with 21 Iranian artists. . “We truly believe that art has no limits and no borders, we are on a mission to build a connected community between independent artists from all corners of the globe, and people like you, who want to get to know and support them.”, say, the founders, Irshad Hussain & Mariami Simashvili, of First wish Art Gallery. Phoenix Art Group believes that, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

This year Funun Art was also the workshop partner of WAD. Each show is accompanied by new ideas to give full room to creative brains. The workshops and seminars conducted by Funun Arts are always with the purpose of engaging diverse audiences. This year they came up with the innovative workshop like Paint and plant a pot, creating your own Journal, Abstract expressionism. 

Two performances which were unique and were conducted for the very first time in art fraternity were Rhythmic Painting and Sustainable Fashion Show. These two performances were highly appreciated and were able to drag the most crowds during the event. The brain behind both the performance was of the Founder of Funun Arts, Shiba Khan. 

Founders of the art group Shiba Khan and Farah Khan believe that art is not only brushes and canvases; it is also a form to communication your thoughts without any constraint and that brings about a sense of positive energy which brightens the spirit of the onlooker. 

Artists presented their best work and the variety was experienced during the 4 days long event. Many artists travelled from their home countries to be the part of the show. 


About Funun Arts:

Funun Arts is a non-profit platform where artists are given an opportunity to exhibit their talents in a space that is affordable and allows them the freedom to enhance their creativity. Funun offers them an experience they will cherish. Emerging as an innovative idea amongst a few artists in 2016, it soon took over the aspiring imagination of the Khan Sisters, Shiba and Farah. Shiba Khan is an artist, Fashion Designer and art activist and Farah Khan is a photographer, creative designer and a food blogger.  Funun Arts has been widely appreciated for their initiatives towards social and noble causes for a better society, and has been engaged in offering a helping hand to those in need. They believe that art is not only brushes and canvases; it is also a form to communicate your thoughts without any constraint, and that brings about a sense of positive energy which brightens the spirit of the onlooker. Now more than 400 multinational artists are the part of this art community.

 https://fununart.com/Get Social: Instagram: @ fununartsgroup; Facebook: @fununartgroup


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